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There’s been talk this evening of a possibly major change for AMC’s The Walking Dead, with executive producer Frank Darabont giving the boot to his current crop of writers. Deadline is saying that all of the people who contributed to writing parts of the six episodes in season one are no longer part of the show. This includes executive producer Charles Eglee.

Initially you may wonder why they would ever mess with a near perfect formula. But Darabont is supposedly looking to have the scribe duties for season 2 meted out to freelancers. If you look at how this season has gone creativity-wise, it’s clear that The Walking Dead is already utilizing a freelancer style system. Except they have fulltime paid writers on staff. The AMC show uses a “writing room” style where the credited writer puts together the script. This is then altered and polished by Darabont.

No reason is given as to why Darabont has let go of the writers, or whether the freelancer idea has any truth behind it. It does seem odd that AMC would let such drastic overhauls be done when the series, as is, has been killing in the ratings each week. In the end we can only hope that the story quality is the main concern for Darabont and his freelancers and/or writing team.

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