So far this season, we've seen some episodes of The Walking Dead that have been more or entirely heavily focused on the prison, while others have focused on Woodbury. Last night's episode felt like more of an even balance between the two. Maybe it was a little heavier on Woodbury, but Rick's rage-filled rampage on the walkers in the prison certainly felt like a big piece of "Say The Word."

This week's "Inside" video includes a few insights into Rick's mindset as he tears through the prison, axing walkers and eventually destroying the one that ate what was left of his wife. But a big portion of the video below has Laurie Holden discussing Andrea and what happened with her and Michonne last night.

Andrea and Michonne's split-up was disappointing, but it's hard to imagine how the Woodbury story would continue without the two parting ways. It's been obvious from the start that Michonne doesn't like Woodbury. And Andrea may be too blinded by exhaustion (and maybe too drawn to the Governor) to want anything to do with the outside world anymore. But it's interesting that Holden brings up Andrea being excited and energized by the walker-fight thing in a way she doesn't understand because she's tired of being victimized. I'm not sure I saw that come through in the episode, but that may be something that's going to be explored a bit further - and it would certainly explain her willingness to stay.

The video ends with a focus on the phone. Is Rick going crazy? Has he finally reached his limit? We'll have to wait and see how he's doing when next Sunday night's episode airs!

Read our full breakdown of last night's "Say The Word" here.

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