Walking Dead Season 1 Gets A Special Edition With Extra Bonus Features

And now from the "Most Likely to Piss Off Loyal Fans" department: today Anchor Bay Entertainment has announced a new special edition of The Walking Dead: Season 1, which will include tons of new bonus features, including audio commentaries on all six episodes. Sounds great, right? Well, not if you're one of the folks (hi!) who already paid to buy the season one set last March, which includes a fraction of these features.

Sure, double-dipping is hardly a new phenomenon in the DVD world, but tossing out a feature-filled special edition a little over six months after the initial release? As a friend put it, "kind of a dick move." The new edition is slated for October 4th, timed to hit shelves leading up to The Walking Dead's return to AMC for season 2, so I can understand why they'd want to target that period. But I would have rather they just held back on the release entirely until the nice version was ready.

The new Walking Dead: Season 1 Special Edition will be available in three varieties: a special edition DVD ($49.98), a special edition Blu-ray ($59.99), and a limited edition Blu-ray collector's tin ($89.99). The former two versions will net you all the new bonus features, but the collector's tin will also include a wearable zombie mask designed by Greg Nicotero, the show's make-up artist.

What do you think? Will you pay to upgrade to the new version, or are you just ticked off they didn't include the good stuff the first time around? Sound off in the comments below or over on our Facebook page.

Walking Dead Season 1 Special Edition Bonus Features

All three versions include the following NEW extras:

  • Pilot Episode: The B&W Version
  • Audio Commentaries On All 6 episodes
  • We Are the Walking Dead
  • Bring Out the Dead: KNB and the Art of Making Zombies
  • Digital Decay: The VFX of The Walking Dead
  • No More Room in Hell: The Walking Dead Phenomenon
  • Adapting the Dead
  • Killer Conversations: Frank Darabont & Greg Nicotero

Each version includes bonus features from the previous release of The Walking Dead: Season 1 on DVD that contained the following:

  • The Making of The Walking Dead
  • Inside The Walking Dead: Episodes 1 - 6
  • A Sneak Peek with Robert Kirkman
  • Behind the Scenes Zombie Make-Up Tips
  • Convention Panel with the Producers
  • The Walking Dead Trailer

Extra Footage includes:

  • Zombie School
  • Bicycle Girl
  • On Set with Robert Kirkman
  • Hanging with Steven Yeun
  • Inside Dale's RV
  • On Set with Andrew Lincoln