Walking Dead Season 2 DVD Bonus Clip Brings The Comic To Life

Fans of AMC's The Walking Dead are chomping at the bit -- or would chomping on some brains be a better metaphor? -- for the show's return this October. While we can't speed up the long wait until the third season's October 14th premiere, we can at least point out that The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season hits Blu-ray and DVD next week, packed with a stomach-bursting collection of special features. Thanks to AMC and Anchor Bay Entertainment, we've got a sneak peek of one of those bonus goodies. Check out "The Ink Is Alive," a look the relationship between The Walking Dead as a comic and as a TV series.

Adaptations are a tricky business, especially in the television world. If the property being adapted has a die-hard following -- and if it doesn't then Hollywood probably won't want to adapt it in the first place -- then the fans will feel a sense of ownership toward the source material and expect the show to stay "faithful" to it. On the other hand, what works on the page, whether as a book or comic or whatever, doesn't always translate well. The adapted shows that work the best are the ones that use the source material as a launching-off point but then aren't afraid to steer the narrative in surprising directions and let it become its own thing.

So far, AMC's The Walking Dead has struggled to find that balance, with season two offering some genuine jaw-dropped moments not just for TV fans, but for readers of the original comic, while still suffering from an overall problem with pacing. With season three bringing on fan-favorite characters Michonne and The Governor, the series is about to dive into one of the comics' bleakest storylines. Here's hoping they continue to keep us guessing (but in a good way).