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As The Walking Dead gets closer to its violent and death-filled Blu-Ray and DVD release next week, AMC and Anchor Bay Entertainment want fans to get excited about some of Season 2’s biggest moments and best special effects. To do this, they’ve dropped us a sneak peak of one of the bonus features on the disc. If you want to give the video a whirl, it discusses the Season 2 finale, and more importantly, burning the hell—and some zombies—out of a barn.

“Fire on the Set" highlights the barn burning scene from the season finale, when shooting was chaotic due to the presence of hundreds of zombie extras and some of the stunt guys even took one for the team and allowed themselves to be lit on fire--safely, of course. Shooting was hectic because all the big moments needed to be shot during the time the barn was burning, but as the video shows, the shots worked out for the crew very well. The scene was the last task for the crew during Season 2, and it looks like it allowed them to go out with a bang.

If you’ve been keeping up with The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season set, you may have seen the segment released earlier that discusses how The Walking Dead has been adapted from Robert Kirkman’s comic series and how the writers plan to continue to tow the line between a faithful adaptation and one where they will go a whole new way. Now that new showrunner Glen Mazzara has had some time to get better acquainted with the series and the writers seem to be figuring out new ways to keep the storyline from going stale, I can’t wait for Season 3 to air. It’s a good thing I’ll have the Blu-Ray release to tide me over, because AMC isn’t promising us new episodes until October 14.

The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season streets on August 28.

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