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While we still have a few months to wait for The Walking Dead Season 3, the series' second season will be available on DVD and blu-ray in a matter of weeks. In addition to getting to revisit Season 2, which proved to be the end of the line for certain characters (who will remain unnamed here for the sake of avoiding spoilers for those who aren't caught up on the series), there will also be some bonus features, including this deleted scene.

Entertainment Weekly posted the video below, which was meant to be a part of The Walking Dead's second season opener. The second season was originally set to pick up immediately after the CDC blew up at the end of Season 1. But as we know, things resumed a bit later, after the characters made it out of Atlanta, (not knowing at the time that they were about to spend a very long season on a farm). See Rick and some of the other characters face off against a group of walkers in the remains of a building...

The shootout is a bit reminiscent of the scene at the barn, which comes later in the season. EW says more of the story will be revealed when The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season hits shelves August 28. Obviously, there's an explanation for why the escape-from-Atlanta scene was cut from Season 2, and Glenn Mazzara will offer a "very candid commentary" on that subject. I'll definitely be interested to learn why they decided to go in another direction. Amazon has the blu-ray set priced at 48.99. Or you could spring for the cool-looking Limited Edition set, which costs $64.99, but comes with a creepy walker-head case, complete with a screwdriver jab be in its eye. EW's Dalton Ross says the screwdriver comes out, which I'll admit, does add a sort of morbid appeal to the item.

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