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Spoilers if you aren't caught up on The Walking Dead's "This Sorrowful Life"!

This time last season, we were reeling over the face-off between Rick and Shane, which left Shane twice dead and the farm about to be invaded. "This Sorrowful Life" left Merle twice dead and the prison about to be invaded. The more things change… right? Except in this case, instead of being invaded by a throng of entrails-hungry walkers, the prison invasion is being led by a grieving, power-hungry man. Is there any way Rick's group is ready for this attack? The above promo teases the start of the fight, as the Governor rallies his troops (and appears to be blaming the death of his men on Rick's people rather than just Merle), and Rick attempts to get his people prepared.

It looks like there's a potentially awkward moment between Rick and Michonne, when he tells her she's one of them. Does she believe it? Is she just there for this last battle after which she's planning on going her own way? We'll see.

This clip shows the tense invasion of the Governor and his people…

Where is everybody? It seems like those guys had an almost too easy time getting into the prison, so what gives? Has Rick come up with some genius defense strategy that we're about to see unfold? Or is it possible that they up and left? This clip hints at that possibility…

Showing Carol, Herschel and Carl packing up makes me wonder if maybe some of the prison people are going to hide out while the rest stay and fight. Either that, or maybe they're all planning on leaving after this battle. I can't imagine they're planning on night trying to fight, but I guess that's a possibility too.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC. Check out our breakdown of last night's episode ("This Sorrowful Life") here.

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