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The Walking Dead's building up to its big mid-season finale, with just one more episode on the way before the show goes on hiatus until next year. Worlds collided even further during last night's episode, and this week's "Inside The Walking Dead" video has the cast and executive producers discussing what that means and where the show is headed.

Spoilers if you haven't seen "When The Dead Comes Knocking"!

Glenn and Maggie were put to the test last night in some of the most intense and suspenseful moments of the season as the two were interrogated by Merle and the Governor. Meanwhile, Michonne arrived at the prison and was eventually let inside where she proved to be very useful in bringing Glenn and Maggie's predicament to the attention of Rick. Rick organized a search party and the group set off to rescue their friends. The "Inside The Walking Dead" video below has some of the cast and writers discussing the episode and what's going on inside the heads of the characters.

It's interesting to hear Gurira's thoughts on Michonne. Watching The Governor with Maggie last night after seeing Andrea and him all cutesie at the started of the episode made me really frustrated with Andrea for not being able to see the creepy side of the Governor. On the other hand, Michonne's instincts appear to be spot on. She goes into a place like Woodbury, which appears to be a safe haven and a relatively perfect community of happy people and she immediately smells something rotten beneath the surface. Then she goes into a prison and is surrounded by bars and chain-link but appears to be able to see the humanity that lives within as she witnesses Rick and Carol's reunion. Michonne knows what's up. I like that about her.

We'll have more Walking Dead videos coming soon. In the meantime, read our full breakdown of last night's episode ("When The Dead Come Knocking") here.