As exciting as it is to get a look at some of the new characters entering AMC's adaptation of Robert Kirkman's popular zombie story The Walking Dead, it looks like Season 3 will also see the return of a previously departed character. It's someone I'm thinking many of the characters have long-since forgotten about, given everything else that happened, but one particular character has had in mind, as evidence last season when he hallucinated him during his search for Sophia.

Vague Season 3 spoilers ahead!

Rick and some of the other characters may have had their hands full with their own drama, but we know Daryl hasn't forgotten his brother Merle, who was last seen chained to a pip (or something) on a rooftop in the city. He managed to escape though, cutting off his hand in the process and disappearing to parts unknown. But based on this photo posted on AMCTV's blog, it looks like he'll be back in Season 3!


As you can see, Michael Rooker's Merle's got himself some kind of arm accessory taking the place of his lost hand.

Confirmation that Merle will be back for Season 3 is good news and bad news. It's good because I suspect his arrival will come with its own set of drama, and that's always fun. But it's bad news for the characters, because if I recall correctly, Merle's kind of a racist, bullying jerk. The best of the character may reside in Daryl's head. As we saw in Season 3, Daryl hallucinated his brother and vision-Merle proved to be an effective motivator who talked Daryl into escaping the gorge and surviving. But I attribute that more to Daryl's love and probably misplaced loyalty and respect for his brother. In truth, Daryl may be better off without Merle around. And I only say "maybe" because the only part of the character I know is the one we've seen in the show. If he has any redeeming qualities, I don't remember them, but perhaps those who've read the comics know better.

This is the latest of a number of photos that have made their way online in anticipation of TWD's Season 3 premiere this fall. We've also seen the Governor and Michonne.

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