Considering we still have months to wait for Fall to arrive and with it, the eventual premiere of The Walking Dead, I'd say AMC's been pretty generous with the photos and other content they've released so far in anticipation of Season 3. We learned last month that AMC was planning a Walking Dead preview weekend in July. Well, July has arrived and the big weekend is coming up! In addition to that reminder, we also have a look at Season 3 to share with you, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

EW posted two photos from Season 3 of The Walking Dead, both of which take place at the prison we're all very excited to see. The prison was glimpsed at the very end of Season 2. From this photo, it looks like the place has been infiltrated by walkers…

The other photo EW has shows Maggie kicking walker ass machete-style. I already adore Lauren Cohan's character above all other females (currently) on TWD, but she gets more points for her ferociousness. Check that one out here.

As for what's ahead this weekend, TWD fans are in for a treat. As AMC puts it on their blog, "Lock your doors. Cancel all other plans. This weekend belongs to The Dead." AMC's The Walking Dead Season 3 Preview Weekend begins Saturday, July 7 at 11:30 a.m./10:30c (Programming starts the same time on Sunday as well). Over the course of the two days, all 19 episodes of the series will air, with a special Talking Dead live special lined up for Sunday (July 8) at 9/8c. Chris Hardwick will host the hour-long special, and give us a look at Season 3, "including a scene from the new season, and brand new video interviews with the cast, a tour of the new set and a sneak peek at the props and wardrobes featured in Season 3."

The weekend will be capped off with black-and-white airing of The Walking Dead pilot at 10/9c. As a fan of the b&w version of The Mist, I think I'd like to see how TWD looks sans color.

So for those zombie lovers who were looking for an excuse to avoid going outside, it sounds like AMC has the perfect remedy and it comes with a look at Season 3.

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