Spoilers if you aren't caught up on The Walking Dead through "Made to Suffer," the mid-season finale for Season 3! Amidst the chaos of seeing some of Rick's group collide with Woodbury's gun-toting people, some new characters were introduced to the series. Among them, Tyreese, a character fans of Robert Kirkman's comics are well familiar with. The clip we have to show you from "The Suicide King," shows us what's ahead for Tyreese and his people.

With Rick away, it was left to Carl to make the tough decisions. Well, Hershel tried to make a decision and use his crutch to back it up, but in the end, Carl stepped in and decided to look into the small invasion of people at the prison. In the end, he chose to let Tyreese and his group stay in the prison… locked up. It's a reasonable way to handle the situation, given what they've been through. After all, he did give them food and water and a relatively safe place to rest. What's ahead for the group? From this clip from "The Suicide King," the first episode of the second half of the season (airing February 2013), a burial and maybe a plan of attack…

Everything we've seen from Tyreese so far suggests that he's a level-headed man willing to wait out a situation if it means handling it right. Like letting the bitten woman live because other people in his group weren't ready to let her go. And not panicking when Carl locked them in that cell. So it's good to see he's extending that patience and leadership to the above situation, as part of his group seems keen on an attack.

We've seen this situation play out before, most recently when some of the prisoners were less willing to cooperate than others. And look what happened to them. So it should be interesting to see how Tyreese and his people decide to play this situation.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC Sunday, February 10 at 9:00 p.m. Get more glimpses of Season 3.5 with these videos. And read our breakdown of last night's "Made To Suffer" here.

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