Things not being like they were seems like a recurring theme for The Walking Dead. Of course, the same could be argued about life, but for the sake of this series, drastic change seems to be around every corner. “Not everyone gets to live” is a quote from the clip we have from next Sunday night’s episode of TWD, ‘Internment,’ and that too seems to succinctly sum up this series. But before we get to that, the preview above is an indication that this hiatus from the prison is over.

Last night, I noted how depressing this series has gotten, but we may have gotten off easy by having an episode off from prison sickness and death. Not that the foraging trip has been a picnic. There’ve been zombie attacks, Tyreese seems on the verge of losing it completely, Bob’s inching his way off the wagon and Rick sent Carol packing. But all of that sort of pales by comparison to the state of the prison, where people are bleeding out their eyes and trying desperately to hang on while they wait for medication. The prison gates may keep the walkers out, but they can’t keep the sickness out, and Hershel can’t heal anyone with just a kind bedside manner.


Speaking of which, that brings us to the mentioned clip from “Internment,” which has Hershel sitting with one of the sick people, Caleb.

While the preview indicates that Rick, Michonne and Daryl (and presumably Bob and Tyreese) have made it back to the prison, that might not have happened in time to save everyone with the medications they have. It’s not looking good for Caleb, at least. But I wonder if his advice to Hershel about letting patients go will stick with the man as he continues to try to treat people.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.

And check out this inside look at last night’s “Indifference,” which has the cast and writers talking a little bit about the state of the characters and what they’re going through as the episode plays out.

As much as I understand Rick’s choice for sending Carol away, I’m still not sure it was the right one. Was she an asset or a liability? I guess that’s up for debate. And up for speculation is if and when we’ll see her next. Will she run into the Governor or some other trouble on her way out? Or is she gone for good?

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