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Spoilers if you aren’t caught up on The Walking Dead through Season 4, Episode 5 (“Internment”)!

As though the closing moments in last night’s episode of The Walking Dead weren’t enough of a hint, the preview for next week’s “Live Bait” make it even clearer. He is back. Maybe he’s been back for a while, we don’t really know, but he’s definitely back now and just in time, as Rick’s people are just starting to overcome their most recent challenge. I’m going to assume the Governor didn’t know that Rick’s group was suffering a life-threatening outbreak, because if his plan was (and is) vengeance, he would’ve had no easier time to infiltrate the prison and cut that group down than in the past few days when some of the best fighters were off sight and others were stuck in bed.

Maybe he’s not the kind of guy who shoots fish in a barrel though. Either way, based on the preview and the sneak peek below, it’s looking like “Live Bait” will focus — at least in part — on the Governor’s return and possibly what he’s been up to in the interim? I think that’s where this video factors in, as it looks like it might be from not long after the Governor took off.

As excited as I am that this character is finally returning — we’ve been expecting him to show up at some point, since we learned last Spring that David Morrissey had been promoted to series regular for Season 4 — I’m also really excited to see the anticipated confrontation between Rick and Daryl about Carol. During last night’s episode, Daryl asked about Carol the moment he got back, which is understandable given that they’re close and considering just how bad things can go in a short amount of time.

Neither the preview nor the sneak peek tease anything related to Rick or Daryl, which makes me wonder if we might have to wait until after this Sunday’s episode to see that. It’s possible “Live Bait” will be a full-on Governor catch-up episode. We’ll have to wait and see if AMC gives us any more video or photos that indicate otherwise, but they may be intentionally keeping us in the dark about that, at least until next Sunday gets closer.

In the meantime, I really liked last night’s episode, and I doubt I’m alone in being glad that this flu-virus situation appears to be wrapped up. It’s interesting to see these characters battling another threat beyond walkers and dangerous people, but on the other hand, watching people suffer from an illness is far less entertaining than say, zombie attacks. Last night’s ep offered a bit of everything in that regard. Read our breakdown of the episode here.

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