Following a series of brief teasers, many of which appeared to be mined from the Comic-Con trailer we saw back in July, comes a big preview for The Walking Dead's fourth season, which teases the challenges the prisoners are going to face this year. In addition to footage from the new season, some of which looks familiar, and other parts less so, the cast and executive producers Scott M. Gimple, Robert Kirkman, Greg Nicotero and David Alpert talk about what's going on with these characters.

Robert Kirkman talks about the characters being put through their paces. "We wanted every character to be pushed to their breaking point," the comic series and TV show executive producer says in the video. I have a feeling the breaking point varies with these characters, and I can't imagine what that point would be for people like Michonne and Daryl. Speaking of Michonne, we see her in a quick scene that might take place after the previously released clip of Michonne returning to the prison on horseback and being attacked by walkers. It looks like she's ready to head on out again.

We also got another glimpse of Daryl about to break into the walker-infested convenience store. I love the way he knocks on the glass and waits patiently for the walkers to come. Another great familiar moment is Carol sitting down with the kids to teach them about knives. It's such a telling moment from the new season. With the arrival of the Woodbury people, there are more kids around, and kids need school. In this zombie-filled reality, survival lessons should be heavily emphasized on the course curriculum. I really hope we get to see more of that in Season 4, and more of Melissa McBride's character in general, because Carol only seems to get more awesome with each season. Also, #TeamCaryl.

Finally, there's the recurring theme teased of the prison not being so safe anymore. The walkers appear to be pushing their way in, but there's also the hint that some of the worst threats might come from within this newly expanded community of survivors.

On a random aside, I continued to be concerned about the fate of Sasha, Tyreese's sister. I think we catch at least one peek of Sonequa Martin-Green in this new sneak peek, but I feel like we see more of Tyreese than we do of her, which makes me wonder if maybe she's destined for an early departure, especially hearing Herschel say they lost twelve people. The idea that Sasha might die soon was a thought that crossed my mind when the Comic-Con trailer debuted, and I keep looking to see if she's around more in the recent teasers, but not so much. And there are moments in the SDCC trailer when Tyreese looks particularly distressed, which heightens my suspicion that something bad is going to happen to her.

Or maybe she's just not showing up much in the teasers. Who knows? We'll find out when the series returns October 13. Watch a couple of the other teasers and check out the Season 4 poster here.

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