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"It's not over until we're all dead."

The new trailer for The Walking Dead offers thirty seconds of intense footage. Ok, a lot of it is probably familiar to those who've been keeping up with the previews. But there are a couple of new and very exciting tidbits, including Rick's line about this not being over until they're all dead, and Sasha's ominous words, "Three of us are gone."

Gone as in dead? Or gone as in missing? Because later we see Carol screaming "Where are they?" I don't know that we've ever seen her that mad.

AMC has this listed as the "official" trailer for Season 5, however, the 30-second spot does seem to borrow footage from previous videos released between Comic-Con back in July and now. That includes the sight of Tyreese on the lookout, and some kind of incident in a church.

With just a few weeks to go between now and The Walking Dead's Season 5 debut, we may not expect to see a whole lot more of the upcoming season. But what they've shown us is enough of a hint that Season 5 is going to hit the ground running. We already know that the first six minutes are going to be brutal. But everything we're seeing beyond that -- presumably, the stuff that appears to be taking place away from Terminus -- looks like it's going to be very exciting and at the same time, potentially devastating, if Sasha's comment about three people being "gone" means three characters have died.

We might also speculate that the "three of us are gone" refers to the members of the group that haven't reunited with them at Terminus - Beth, Carol and Tyreese... and Judith. That would technically be four, but maybe she's not counting the baby? This is optimistic speculation. It seems just as likely, if not likelier, that three people from their current group -- which may include Tyreese, Carol and Judith by this point -- have either been taken, separated from the group or else killed. Yikes.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, October 12 at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.

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