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There are some who would see a behind-the-scenes video as spoiling the magic of the show, shattering the illusion that the program works so hard to create. But me? I think the real magic is watching how they create that illusion, especially in a series like The Walking Dead where there is so much work going on to make us believe that this zombie apocalypse is really taking place.

Thankfully, AMC wants us to come along for the ride. The second season for the hit graphic novel adaptation started shooting a few weeks back (and you can check out the "first day of shooting video" here), and they've already been busy casting new victims/heroes/zombies/villains to bulk up the ever depleting cast for this full 13-episode installment (the first season only had six). Now we're invited back to the set for another visit.

This time, Robert Kirkman, the creator of the graphic novel source material and screenwriter for the series, take us on a tour around the set and dishes on his favorite parts... like the old-school RV they use on the show and the portable air conditioner that they brought with them. Oh, he also chats with cast members Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes), Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori Grimes), and one of the zombies in full makeup.

Go on, take the tour with the man who started it all (who, by the way seems way too sweet and funny to have thought up the absolute carnage and mayhem that happens in the viciously unsentimental comic-book on which this show is based).

The Walking Dead returns to AMC for Season 2 this fall (as you heard in the video, Kirkman says October, so look for it to start back up around Halloween). It stars Lincoln, Callies, Jon Bernthal (Shane), Jeffrey DeMunn (Dale), and Laurie Holden (Andrea). Frank Darabont serves as exec-producer, writer, and director.