Watch Arya Cut Off A Pigeon's Head On Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones is the most insane show I’ve ever watched. Every single week, at least five things happen that are so bizarre, outlandish or badass they’d immediately go viral in modern society. There would be thousands of news reports written about events like The Red Wedding or the emergence of dragons. For some reason, however, all I can fixate on this week is Arya sneaking up on a pigeon and cutting its head off, though. It’s sneaky and brilliant and fascinating. Check out this madness below…

It would be one thing if she trained the pigeon, befriended the pigeon or fed the pigeon like that crazy old lady in Home Alone 2. But she doesn’t do that. She doesn't dupe it in anyway. She sneaks up behind it like an assassin in training and beheads it before it has any idea what happened. It’s like that scene from The Office where Andy uses his Prius to silently stalk. It’s certifiably badass, and it’s a nice little reminder that Arya Stark’s tiny frame may be a huge help in seeking vengeance. Strength, girth and intimidation might be good for braggers and showboats, but sometimes it’s the most unassuming people that are truly the most dangerous. Like Emily Blunt.

Plus, let’s just be honest: pigeons are pretty horrible. I’m not as big of a bird guy as Billy In 4C, but pigeons still wouldn’t break my Top 100 bird power rankings. They’re ugly. They poop everywhere, and there’s way too many of them hanging around. We would be having a completely different conversation if she would have killed something exotic, pretty or redeemable in any way.

On a related note: you know who is redeemable? Arya Stark. She’s quickly turning into my favorite character on Game Of Thrones. I wish she would have stuck it out with The Hound for another entire season. Their back-and-forth was brilliant, and the odd couple dynamic was too much fun to watch. But alas, even without The Hound, I’ll gladly watch as much Arya as Game Of Thrones is willing to give me. She’s more morally complicated than Jon Snow, but yet, it’s not hard to root for her at all. She’s got a score to settle, and she won’t stop.

Game Of Thrones airs on HBO on Sunday evenings at 9 EST. Season 5 is only two episodes old, but it’s already setting ratings records, even despite the well publicized leak in which the first four episodes of the new season somehow found their way online. As such, expect the ratings for Season 5 to come back incredibly strong during Episode 5.

Mack Rawden
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