Watch Chris Rock Spoof Shark Tank On SNL

ABC’s Shark Tank has seen a lot of strange and stupid business models come and go over the years, but nothing like the business that popped up in Saturday Night Live’s spoof of the hit show this weekend. That’s right, this week, SNL mocked Shark Tank in a sketch that includes host Chris Rock playing an ISIS Agent. Check it out, below.

Chris Rock brought a lot of controversial humor to SNL this weekend, and the “Shark Tank” sketch was no exception, mixing pop culture in with terrorism jokes, which is something even FX’s Archer isn’t willing to attempt this season. In the sketch, Chris Rock and Kyle Mooney head into the tank to ask for some major capitol from the sharks--400 million dollars, in fact. Apparently, this is the figure they came up with in order to create their own kingdom, which will be “rid” of the “filthy Western pig” and the “vile jew.”

The ISIS crew are tough and in your face, but they are no match for the sharks, who want them to get to the “bottom line” and who believe they don’t have a “unified brand.” In top form here is Kate McKinnon, who just crushes playing the Barbara Corcoran role, and Beck Bennett, who makes for an amusing Mr. Wonderful.

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And shocker of all shockers, the biggest baddies in the video might not be ISIS themselves. Button up corporate man that he is, Daymond John even shows a little interest in ISIS’ business philosophy and game plan after they promise to pump up FUBU, leading to a few follow-up questions. All’s well that ends well, though, when Homeland Security shows up on the scene.

It’s interesting, SNL hasn’t been really in-your-face with its comedy all season (except for maybe Pete Davidson’s blowing a dude rant in the first episode). The latest incarnation of this cast has mostly been down with impressions and more stand-up oriented comedy, along with plenty of pop culture references. The “Shark Tank” sketch takes what the regular SNL cast does best and juxtaposes it with the viewpoints of a terrorist group that has been in the news for many months now. It isn’t necessarily a pitch-perfect sketch, but it’s definitely trying for something, which is more than I can say about a lot of the sketches we’ve seen this season.

This was the first time that Chris Rock headed to 30 Rock to host an episode of SNL, and from Prince’s long musical performances to Chris Rock’s personality, we knew it was bound to be a weird one. You can catch the full SNL episode over at NBC’s site.

If you are interested in seeing some actual horrible Shark Tank pitches, head over to the next page.

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