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Do you consider yourself a binge-watcher? Whatever your answer is, the rulebook on binge behavior has been completely rewritten by a German couple that dedicated a good portion of their lives to marathon-viewing the entirety of The Walking Dead Seasons 1-4. I’d say something snarky about them having better things to do with their time, but I’m just jealous that I don’t have that much spare time going. Check out the amusing non-English time lapse video below. Spoilers for anyone still not caught up on the first four seasons .

The “binge selfie,” as it is abhorrently referred to, was part of a promotion put on by a German Fox affiliate, which is apparently the network that airs The Walking Dead over there. (Say, I bet it doesn’t get cancelled on their Fox.) The unnamed couple was allowed only the most basic of breaks, for bathroom trips and for sleeping, but the rest of their three-day venture was dedicated to zombies, arguments and the Many Different Hairstyles of Rick Grimes.

A straight time-lapse video of them watching would have been interesting enough, but the video is wisely slowed down during a handful of the series’ most talked-about scenes and sequences, so that we can watch their reactions as they happen. It was pretty priceless seeing their absolute lack of emotion when Carol’s zombified daughter Sofia gets gunned down, as that was how I also felt about that played-out storyline. Similarly, it was funny to watch the girl hide her face during the disgusting ass scene with the well-bound walker.

I felt like the guy in this situation, amused and awed by the gore and the spectacle and not much else; meanwhile, the girl seems to be losing her mind over the drama. Someone had to have screamed really loudly in jubilation as soon as the cameras were turned off. That’s a lot of Walking Dead to take all in one sitting, but it’s an interesting approach to advertising, regardless of whether or not it works.

Care to watch another pretty amusing reaction to a major Walking Dead death? Check out the off-the-wall video below, but be warned that foul language ensues.

The Walking Dead Season 5 premiered this past Sunday night to monster ratings, and has already been renewed for Season 6 next year. Find it every Sunday night on AMC, at least until the midseason hiatus, which will presumably feature an even longer marathon.

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