Watch This Guy Cover The Breaking Bad Theme Song With Meth Lab Equipment

Breaking Bad has become a show about the makings of a hard, bad man heading up a large meth enterprise. However, its early episodes were focused a little more on the actual making of the meth in a small RV, and it is those episodes that the new video “Breaking Bad Theme—Played with Meth Lab Equipment” is nodding at. Overall, it’s pretty cool.

The theme song for Breaking Bad has always been a little eerie, but this version from YouTuber Andrew Huang makes the whole song even more unnerving. Huang says he knew very little about making meth before he embarked on the project, but he was able to easily find a list of lab equipment online, which includes propane cylinders, rubber tubing, paper towels, coffee filters, laboratory beakers, measuring cups, buckets, plastic bottles, and frying pans. Huang supplemented these items with a guitar to create some weird sounds and later was able to make those weird sounds into a cover of the Breaking Bad theme song. A note on the video mentions that some speed adjustments and a few effects were used while producing the track, but mostly it looks as if the song was made with random items he had lying around the house.

Breaking Bad Meth theme

The video was posted just a few days ago, making it extremely timely, thanks to the return of Season 5.5, which also happens to be the final season of AMC’s famous drama. The final eight episodes have been teased for months, and the first of these episodes actually hit the schedule just last night, with a new episode set for next Sunday.

The Breaking Bad theme song is not as oft covered as the Game of Thrones opening track, but it does have its share of covers available online. Huang’s endeavor is one of the most unique ones, and it’s definitely worth a watch. Still, nothing beats the original title sequence for the series, which you can check out in its full glory, below.

AMC’s Breaking Bad airs on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET. The series stars Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris, and Anna Gunn.

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