Watch Jimmy Fallon Slap The Bejesus Out Of Jason Statham On The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon has done a lot of things to celebrities on The Tonight Show, from making them sing to making them look terrible at games. Most recently, he showed action star Jason Statham what the broad side of a giant foam hand feels like in a rousing game of Slapjack. Check it out.

While a normal game of Slapjack consists of players flipping over cards and slapping the jacks when they come up, Fallon’s version is a little different, and contains giant props. (Take note, all other games: giant props should be a necessity.) Really, it’s just a normal game of Blackjack where the loser gets smacked across the face with the massive hands. I mean, it’s no Furious 7 throwdown or anything, but it’s worth the time.

Thankfully for Fallon, Statham isn’t the most adept Blackjack gamer and loses both rounds, which means audiences get to witness the Crank star getting beat down by a guy who wouldn’t stand a chance in a real fight. (Perhaps if the other person’s entire body was made of non-soaking wet foam.) It’s somewhat disappointing that Fallon lets Statham get a comeback hit at the end of the bit, as it’s just so rare to see the actor not come out on top. Walk away with giant-handed pride, sir.

Statham brought his A-game acting skills, though, when he flew out of his chair both times after getting smacked. I like to think that Fallon was actually frightened that people thought he hit Statham too hard. “Maybe he was hiding horseshoes in there,” he’d envision people saying to themselves. Now I need to see a poker game on this show where they’re just dressed up in giant Sumo wrestling suits while wielding baseball bats. Probably oam bats. Probably.

Beyond the fun of Fallon’s wacky game ideas, this sketch would also provide an interesting scenario for someone who wakes up from a vivid dream and assumes that they’re still dreaming (or having a psychedelic flashback) upon seeing these massive meathooks.


Someone should have brought out those giant hands to applaud Ed Sheeran the other night. I wonder what The Tonight Show will have Jimmy Fallon doing next, and what suggestively giant body parts will be involved. Tune in every weeknight on NBC to find out.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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