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Since Maya Rudolph left Saturday Night Live in late 2007, the popular comedian has been back to the show multiple times to reprise favorite characters and support funny ladies like Amy Poehler and even Betty White. However, the one thing Rudolph has not been back to SNL to do is host, an issue Rudolph is preparing to rectify during SNL’s February 18 episode, where she will be joined by musical guest Sleigh Bells.

To get fans excited about the upcoming episode, the Up All Night star teamed up with SNL cast member Andy Samberg to shoot a little video to brainstorm what sketches Rudolph could potentially attempt in her triumphant return. The video is replete with a time capsule, a salmon sandwich, a shark, and Kanye West sunglasses, and while we are no closer to knowing just what Rudolph will get into this weekend, it is still worth a watch.

Maya Rudolph’s hosting gig airs Saturday, February 18 at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC. Fingers crossed she doesn’t pull out the “Meatloaf.”

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