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Watch Saturday Night Live's Hilarious Family Feud Divorce Sketch

Over the past few years, Family Feud has rediscovered its magic and turned into one of the most popular game shows on television. Much of that success is due to Steve Harvey, who is both a very effective host and an over-the-top personality. Viewers have returned in droves, and Saturday Night Live has taken notice, offering up a stream of hilarious parodies. This week, the sketch comedy giant gave us one of the best ever, when it cleverly presented a man’s old family going up against his new family. Check it out…

The best Saturday Night Live sketches are always ones that are more than just funny. They’re the ones that are funny and make a really astute observation about something. In this case, it’s that Steve Harvey absolutely, positively lives for awkwardness and ready made YouTube moments. There’s nothing he wants more than WTF, filthy answer, even if he pretends like he doesn’t, which is why the set-up here is so great. Under Kenan Thompson’s spot-on direction, his Steve Harvey is practically salivating at the great viral moments that are about to come.

Check out this really happy face…

When all is said and done, Kenan Thompson will probably be remembered as a great Saturday Night Live cast member but not one of the all-time greats fans of the show casually throw out when discussing the late night program’s success. That being said, he may well end up being remembered as the best reaction shot cast member of all-time. There’s just something about his hyper-expressive face that can fill time and add in laughs whenever they’re needed, and since Steve Harvey does the same thing for Family Feud, it’s really a match made in parody heaven.

As for the rest of the SNL episode, returning cast member Tracy Morgan took up the hosting duties nicely. He leaned on some of his old classics and was able to make some great new memories, as well. One would imagine he’ll certainly be invited to host again, especially if he’s able to jump start his movie career and start churning out some well-trafficked movies.

Saturday Night Live airs on NBC on Saturday nights at 11:30. It’s been around for more than forty years and doesn’t show any signs of going anywhere.

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