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Nearly two decades after Arsenio Hall's late night talk show wrapped up, the actor and comedian returned to the studio, greeted by the familiar sound of cheering (and hooting) fans. The above video shows us a segment from Hall's first opening monologue, during which he jokes about how much has chanced since he last had this gift. "Back then, the only doctor that prescribed marijuana was. Dr. Dre," he joked.

Chris Tucker was the official guest listed to appear in the episode, however a few other celebrities dropped by to acknowledge Hall's return to late night. One of them was kind enough to offer him luck when Hall expressed his hopes to reach the top and stay there…

Yeah, Leno knows how the game really works.

Meanwhile, a certain "Cold-hearted Snake" singer wandered out on stage while Hall was digging through his time capsule...

Yes, Abdul was probably right around the height of her fame as a pop singer during Arsenio's original run. "Opposites Attract" is pretty old school, as is Snoop Dogg, who was also gracious enough to take the stage and entertain the crowd.

Not a bad tune to get stuck in your head for the rest of the day, right? Kind of makes you want to dance...

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the full episode is online (yet, anyway), but Hall has other clips up on his website. And speaking of scheduled guests, tonight's episode includes Ice Cube, Lisa Kudrow and Mac Miller. Coming up later in the week, there's George Lopez, Earvin Magic Johnson, Nas, Penn and Teller, Angela Bassett and Emblem 3. I'll be interested to see if Pen Jillette and Arsenio Hall talk about Celebrity Apprentice at all. The two were on the same season together, which is the season Hall won last year. Reports about his return to late night started not long after. Meanwhile, Angela Bassett is set to play a role in American Horror Story: Coven, so maybe we'll hear a thing or two about her role in the FX horror series.

It's great to see Hall back on the air. The show is syndicated, so to find out when and where it's airing in your area, check the site's station finder.

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