After Suffering Second Vehicular Accident In Months, It Looks Like There's Even More Bad News For Jay Leno

These past few months haven’t been the easiest for Jay Leno. In November 2022, the former Tonight Show host was involved in a garage fire that left him with serious burns. And just this past week, Leno confirmed he was in a serious motorcycle accident. As he explained, the ordeal left him with significant injuries. Though life has already been somewhat tough for Leno as of late, he unfortunately just received a bit of bad news. His car-centric TV series was just given the axe.

CNBC has reportedly cancelled Jay Leno’s Garage, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The series, which debuted in 2015 and ran for seven seasons, saw the titular host review cars and motorcycles and welcome some special guests while doing so. (The show even included one of the final TV appearances of beloved Saturday Night Live alum Norm Macdonald.) Per the trade, this programming decision is part of a larger move that sees the network using its primetime hours to highlight reruns of popular programs. 

As of this writing, the 72-year-old media personality has not formally commented on the development. The series’ official Instagram account, however, did drop an interesting video on Friday. In the clip, the star is seen talking about having fun with racing as opposed to making money. Again, there’s no way to tell whether this is a direct response to the news, but it’s intriguing that a video expressing such a sentiment would drop at this time. Check it out:

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This cancellation news is sure to come as a disappointment to those who’ve enjoyed watching the series over the past several years. However, I would assume that most are just glad that Jay Leno is still around in general after the accidents he’s been involved in. Leno was in his personal garage when one of the vehicles in his massive collection caught fire while he was in proximity. Leno eventually underwent surgeries while at the hospital and was released from the burn unit after a week. Leno’s first public outing after the fact seemed to indicate that he was doing just fine. 

The situation the NBC staple revealed at the end of this past week apparently happened earlier in January. As the star explained, in that instance, he was knocked off his motorcycle,  and broke his collarbone and two ribs in the process. In addition, he said that he has two cracked kneecaps as well. Needless to say, the man has been through the wringer. 

Despite his circumstances though, Jay Leno has remained upbeat, keeping his signature sense of humor. He previously explained that he has no problem joking about the garage fire because the accident is simply a normal hazard that can be experienced by someone who works with their hands. One would think that he has that same kind of lighthearted and honest outlook when it comes to the conclusion of his new show.

While Jay Leno’s Garage is no longer on the air, you can stream past episodes using a Hulu subscription. Viewers can also find other prime offerings by checking out CinemaBlend’s 2023 TV schedule.

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