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Announcing a pregnancy is one of the most tense and dramatic reveals that anyone could ever imagine. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be filled with comedy and imagination as well. Take Jesse Meek and his lovely lady, who made their upcoming bundle of joy public by performing a parody of the theme song for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It’s pretty damned genius, and is thankfully 100% Carlton Dance-free. Check it out below.

Pure excellence from start to finish. The hats are great. The sunglasses are great. The performances are solid. But it’s of course the lyrics that kick the most ass. I mean, I don’t see these guys opening up any future Rock the Bells shows or anything, but there’s definitely a qualitative genius in the following line. She’s not talking about missing her alarm clock, people!
I woke up in the morning ‘bout 7 or 8 and I thought to myself, ‘Oh man, I’m late.’

And as far as images go, it doesn’t get more adorable than this.


I greedily could have gone for a full-scale production here, with the Happy Valley, Oregon couple actually going to the sets where the opening sequence was filmed, but I guess that wouldn’t be the most cost-effective decision to kick off building a family. Now I can’t wait to see if they announce the child’s name by recreating the “His name was Robert Paulson” scene from Fight Club. If the kid’s name ends up being Robert Paulson, their work is already done.

If you’re interested in checking out how the initially non-public announcements were made to family members, check out the recently uploaded video below, which is devoid of all things Fresh Prince.

Famous bit of pop culture are used all the time for personal milestones, such as the Back to the Future engagement photos and people who have full-on Harry Potter-themed weddings. Not a lot of Will Smith-related ones out there, though, so until we get that I Am Legend pregnancy announcement, I think the Meeks are in the clear. On second thought, maybe that’s why they used a dog to tell everyone else. Well-played.