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We May Know When The New Star Trek Series Will Be Set

With so many reasons to be excited about CBS All Access’ upcoming trip to the Star Trek universe, it’s hard to believe that there can possibly be new announcements that amp up our interest even higher. And yet now it’s happening. While nothing is confirmed by anyone involved behind the scenes just yet, it appears as if the show’s first season will take place between the film Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country and the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation. And that’s far from the only awesome factoid.

Fans always wonder about what goes on between major timelines within popular franchises, and few have as many established points of reference as Star Trek. The new show’s narrative would allow for showrunner Bryan Fuller and his killer crew to develop a new branch of the mythos with a new crew, while also firmly fitting into established territory, which is a good fit for both them and us.

And if BirthMoviesDeath is to be believed, we might not even need to get too used to those new characters from one season to the next, as the series is allegedly being considered as an anthology. So while this first season will take place in this particular window of time, the second season could be set in the years before Spock and Kirk ever met, or in the time of recovery following Deep Space Nine’s war years. It’s a concept that has worked for shows like American Horror Story and American Crime, so adapting it for a preexisting fictional universe has some crazy intriguing potential going for it, and Star Trek’s near infinite avenues to storytelling could make this series as important and enjoyable as any others that came before it.


There’s also another rumor floating that Bryan Fuller has figured out a way to give this new Star Trek series a set of villainous Klingons for the protagonists to have problems with. Sure, most of the Klingons are peacefully dealing with humanity, but there are always bushy-eyebrowed exceptions to be found. And if this ends up happening, we can probably expect several other callbacks to the universe in fun ways like this.

This potential timeline placement obviously means the new show will have nothing to do with the current franchise spearheaded by J.J. Abrams, and it will do more to honor Star Trek’s TV roots. And that’s perfectly fine with us. Considering we won’t get this show for a while, we’ll have some time to considering all the options. What do you guys think about these new details, assuming they’re true?

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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