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As you guys all know, the first rule of Scream Franchise is you don’t talk about…Wait, that’s something else. I’m pretty sure Scream’s first rule pertained more to not having sex or doing drugs, lest a vicious murderer serve up a vicious penance for those sins. We’re expecting a pronounced lack of hardcore sex and drugs when the Scream TV series makes its debut on MTV, but there’s a silver lining, as director Wes Craven is reportedly returning to his co-creation to direct the pilot episode! So you know, there’s always a chance that pedophilia or rape will come into it at some point.

It’s been up in the air as to whether the horror filmmaker would have anything to do with this small screen slasher series, and BloodyDisgusting says he’ll be getting behind the camera this summer. We also have a good idea of some of the characters he’ll be introducing, as TVLine revealed a handful of the lead roles and their quirky traits, along with our first plot details. Something tells me I’m going to want to watch each of these people die slow, ironic deaths.

The plot reportedly still has the scary movie rulebook at its center, and the pilot kicks off with the spread of a viral video involving teenager Audrey Jessen, the artsy and bi-curious daughter of a minister. This video will serve as the “catalyst for a murder that opens up a window to her town’s troubled past.” Will it be Sydney or Gail? Or possibly Audrey getting frisky with someone she shouldn’t?

Audrey’s best friend is Harper Duval, a 16-year-old whose smarts are atypical for her high social status. Her popularity takes her away from Audrey, which she regrets, but nothing can take Harper away from her other best friend, her mom Margaret. Nicknamed Maggie, she uses her brains and beauty as the town’s medical examiner, but she’s got a deep secret in her past that may or may not have something to do with Harper’s dad leaving them.

It’s not as if Audrey is alone now, as she can turn to her closest confidante Noah Foster, a tech-savvy geek with a teenage John Cusack sense of humor and charm. He’s also got an “encyclopedic knowledge of books, films, TV, apps, etc.” Hearing that someone has an encyclopedic knowledge of apps makes my temples start to throb, but I’m sure Noah is a real peach.

While we still don’t know if Scream 5 is ever going to happen, fans should be pleased that Craven is staying tethered to this highly successful franchise. (Now if we could just get Heather Langenkamp to get hired on as Maggie.) He’ll be directing from a script written by Jill Blotevogel, who penned some scripts for series such as Ravenswood and Eureka. Production is set to start this summer and I’m assuming this will be ready to go by the time fall hits, assuming MTV doesn’t drop it and replace it with Rob Dyrkek’s Yo-Yo Wars or something.
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