Which Walking Dead Actor Would Die First In A Zombie Apocalypse, According To Andrew Lincoln

Have you ever met somebody and thought to yourself 'that guy’s going to be in trouble when the zombies come?' No? Am I really the only one that thinks this way? Anyway, the cast of The Walking Dead has been asked to consider which of their own would go down to walkers first. According to Andrew Lincoln, Daryl Dixon is in trouble, or at least the guy who plays him is.

Entertainment Weekly asked the entire cast their thoughts on the topic, but it was Lincoln’s response that had us laughing:

Norman [Reedus], because he'd be too busy playing with his hair.

According to Lincoln, Reedus takes a lot of time in the makeup trailer getting ready for his scenes so he would be too concerned with his appearance to notice the zombie trying to eat him. It just goes to show how far some actors are from the characters they play. While everybody on the show has learned to live in the world of walkers, Daryl almost feels at home there, and would probably survive far longer than most of the others.

We don’t know the actors personally so it’s hard to say who would go down first. However, we have to assume that between the things Norman Reedus must have learned to play his roles convincingly in both AMC's The Walking Dead and The Boondock Saints he must be a pretty tough customer, right? We think he'd probably do better than Lincoln gives him credit for.

For what it’s worth, Reedus doesn’t have much hope for Lincoln either when the apocalypse happens. When asked the same question, Darryl throws Nick under the bus:

Probably Andy, 'cause he can't even work an iPhone, so I don't know how he's gonna survive in a real life. You know what I mean?

Although we don’t really see how Andrew Lincoln being technologically inept will be much of an issue when everybody dies and technology stops working. If his skills lay elsewhere isn't that a good thing? Also...Andy? Do they really call him Andy? That just doesn't sound right. Honestly though, for a show that’s as dramatic and stressful as the The Walking Dead appears, you can tell the cast members all really enjoy each other as they are all having immense fun with question and laughing about their answers.

So now that The Walking Dead crew is turning on each other we figure it’s just a matter of time before everything breaks down and they all die. Either that or they all just laugh about it after filming is done one day.

Dirk Libbey
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