Who Could Replace Jeff Probst On Survivor?

CBS is safe for one more year, as Reuters reported that Jeff Probst has agreed to host the next two cycles of their successful Survivor franchise. But this is the first time he's only extended it by one year, which means he really may be getting close to throwing in the towel. The series, however, remains one of CBS's strongest performers.

In fact, there's no reason to think the show couldn't survive another ten years -- it's currently airing a 10th anniversary "Heroes vs. Villains" edition for its 20th season. The question becomes who could do as good a job of hosting the show as Probst does? Not only can he keep the most bizarre challenges interesting with his play-by-play turns and dimplish smiles, he's proven quite adept at digging to the heart of matters at the Tribal Councils. In fact, it is his role there that should be of the greatest concern to producers and the network.

Who can they find who's willing to get in these contestant's faces, call them on their bullshit, and ferret out the alliances, the lies and all the deceit. I can't see Ryan Seacrest pulling that off, nor would he be able to face the elements and those challenges without the benefit of makeup and plenty of hair product.

A logical choice would be a former Survivor contestant, but favorites like Rupert  and Colby would never be aggressive enough to dig for the truth, while egotistical villains like Russell, Richard Hatch or Boston Rob would try to hard to make it about themselves and their own experiences on the show. Actually, I think Cirie might do a pretty good job of steering the wreckage. Nobody plays a better social game than the former couch potato.

Who would you like to see replace Probst should he leave the franchise?