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What the freak!?! Gil Grissom, I mean William Petersen, is saying goodbye to the CSI crew! How am I supposed to stick around for CSI when Marg Helgenberger is like the only original cast member left? And the famously pulled and botox-ed up star isn't my favorite by a long shot. First it was Jorja Fox, and then Gary Dourdain. Yup, I'm done with this show.

Well, before the departure actually takes place, William will stick around long enough to make it seem plausible that his character is leaving his beloved crime lab. Yahoo News reports that “Petersen has agreed to return for occasional guest appearances and will remain a "CSI" executive producer but his run as an original cast member will end this coming season.”

I'm not sure how it will all play out, but the article also says that “Grissom will be reappraising his life after years of high-tech forensics investigations with the Las Vegas Police Department and after facing personal turmoil.”

I just realized that George Eads will still be around. He's mostly just eye candy, but maybe he will be enough to keep me and other viewers around.