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Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 6 below.

While The Walking Dead is without a doubt one of the most popular shows on TV right now, the AMC drama definitely has its fair share of detractors. And it seems like the fans and the naysayers came to an agreement over what they believe is the most terrible episode of the series, as this past Sunday’s midseason finale now ranks as the worst-reviewed episode of the show so far on Rotten Tomatoes. Ouch.

Through 75 episodes, “Start to Finish” is the one that put off critics the most, and it’s currently sitting at a 32% Rotten rating. At this point, it’s one of only 7 episodes that have received the Rotten status, and it’s perhaps telling of opinions on the first half of Season 6 as a whole that it’s the third episode deemed Rotten in the past 4 episodes. People really seemed to love watching Rick trying to trick the giant walker herd, as well as getting into Morgan’s backstory, but once it came down to seeing how the rest of Alexandria was coping, giving a shit became that much harder.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m fully aware that the aggregate website is not the best way to objectively look at how people felt about a movie or a TV show, but its popularity makes it relevant nonetheless. And it’s not like that site was the only place online to find negative opinions about the episode, either. The most cursory of searches will fill your screen with angry editorials claiming the show has lost its edge and tweets about how basically nothing happened in the heavily hyped episode. Yes, you can find any kind of negativity you want on the Internet, but this reaction seemed to be shared by the majority of outspoken viewers.

“Start to Finish” was definitely one of the most anticipated episodes of this series, which may have played a part in why audiences and critics felt it was lackluster, though a few other elements come into it as well. For one, the big death wasn’t all that big, and it was more of a thematic death rather than something that explicitly affects how the future will go. (I mean, maybe Spencer will be depressed, but who cares?) And the biggest moment – the first mention of Negan – wasn’t a post-credit sequence as it was originally planned, but instead showed up during the first commercial break of Into the Badlands, which also drew some ire. Add to that a lack of Daryl, Abraham, and Glenn, and even a Wolves-inspired fight between Carol and Morgan just can’t fix things.

Just wait until Negan gets here, though. Just wait.

The Walking Dead will be back on AMC on Sunday, February 14, and hopefully with an episode that earns universal praise, as the show’s premieres and midseason premieres seem to do. Let us know what you thought about the midseason finale below.

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