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Since Sharknado debuted on SyFy earlier this month, the cable channel has been milking the attention and basking in the glow of their social media buzz that has inspired not only a midnight theatrical run, but a sequel as well. However, amidst the torrent of Sharknado success stories floated the rumor that actress Tara Reid would not be asked back for Sharknado 2: The Sharknado Strikes Back (you're welcome, SyFy), something that Reid quickly refuted. Now, a Sharknado producer has gone on record to refute the rumor as well.

No surprise that TMZ was the first to report the rumor about Reid, but producer David Latt, who co-founded The Asylum, the studio behind Sharknado expressly told The Hollywood Reporter that there was no truth to Ried being denied an invitation to Sharknado 2: I Know What You Did Last Sharknado Season. "Tara is invited back," said Latt. "Honestly, I don't know where that [TMZ story] came from."

As one of the survivors of the treacherous storm that threw bloodthirsty sharks wherever it was convenient, Reid's involvement would seem to be as critical as Ian Ziering, the other human lead of the movie. However, as Latt pointed out, they hope all remaining survivors will be back for Sharknado 2: The Quickening. "Syfy and The Asylum love Ian, Tara, Cassie [Scerbo] [and] EVERYONE," Latt said. "Hopefully she'll [Reid] be the one turning us down because this bizarre film gives her -- and the rest of the cast -- some great opportunities, and therefore [will be] unavailable."

The rumor was no doubt a by-product of Reid's reputation, which has taken a hit over the years, despite her stints in rehab. However, Latt says that "despite all of the rumors and tabloid stories, Tara was great to work with." He added: "She showed up to play. Knew her lines. Was into this crazy, silly film. No drama. No diva. … She was great and we would be lucky to have her in S2."

For Reid's part, the actress has stayed on her Twitter page for most of the day, retweeting well-wishers who champion the actress' return for Sharknado 2: The Sharknado Rises. Still, Reid has not confirmed a return. If anything, the actress is likely holding out for a paycheck larger than the $50,000 she was paid for the first Sharknado.

Would you like to see Tara Reid in the Sharknado sequel?

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