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10 TV Shows From The Past 5 Years That You Probably Forgot Existed

Whether you have a bad memory or a great memory, there’s no denying that the modern age of television has so many series popping up that remembering all of them is seemingly impossible. Here are 10 series that have aired in the past five years that you probably don’t remember.

Cult Cancelled But May Finish Up Season 1 Online

It looks like spring cleaning has begun for the networks. As channels begin prepping and fine-tuning their 2013-2014 slates, we should expect to hear word of the fate of some of their current series. Unfortunately for The CW's Cult, signs point to cancellation, though the CW hasn't officially announced that they aren't renewing it for a second season.

Cult Will Air On Fridays Beginning Next Week

This year, the CW’s Tuesday night slot after Hart of Dixie has been a bit of a death slot. Emily Owens, M.D. was cancelled earlier this season, leaving room for a midseason entry to go into that timeslot. What landed in the slot was Cult, a brand new drama with similar overtones to The Following. The ratings haven’t really been working out thus far on the CW’s newest entry into the schedule and the network has already decided to shuffle the program to a different nigh

Before Cult And The Following: 5 Other Pairs Of Noticeably Similar TV Shows

It doesn't take the astute mind of a TV critic to see similarities in this seasons two new serial killer dramas, namely Fox's The Following and The CW's Cult. Of course, there are bound to be many differences and two projects that share a strong resemblance coming out at the same time is also not a rare occurrence. It's just another in a long line of Deep Impact - Armageddon situations. Here are five other awkwardly timed television releases...

Cult Review: The CW's New Thriller Gets Seriously Creepy

The CW's new series Cult has a premise that layers creepy over more creepy to create a twisted plotline in which you’re never quite certain what’s real and what’s fiction. The show within a show about a dangerous cult has a dangerous cult following of its own – and this is a following unlike anything even the most rabid TV viewer has ever known.

Cult Full Series Premiere Episode: Watch It Early Here

Joining Fox's The Following in being a series about a creepy cult-like following is The CW's Cult, which differentiates itself from the Kevin Bacon-starring Fox thriller with its focus on a show within a show. The series isn't set to premiere until next Tuesday night, but The CW has made the first episode available to watch online. Check it out ahead.

Cult Series Preview And Catching A Train Clip

It's not rare for shows and films to come in twos or threes. Deep Impact and Armageddon. No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits. The Addams Family and The Munsters. Although it's too early to firmly place Fox's The Following and The CW's Cult in the same camp, similarities, superficial or not, are hard to ignore. Maybe these previews will help highlight the differences?

Cult Gets A Creepy New Teaser

Cult-like followings appear to be something of a trending topic among dramas this season. Tonight, Fox will debut The Following, which stars James Purefoy as a serial killer with a devoted following. And coming to The CW is Cult, a drama that takes TV fandom to the next level, with its focus on a cult-like following of a TV series.

The CW's Cult Gets A New Trailer And A February Premiere Date

Fox has already started promoting their upcoming creepy serial killer cult show The Following, and now The CW has begun to do the same for their own upcoming series Cult, a thriller about a thriller and the dark underworld of rabid fans that watch it. The trailer plays up the violence and darkness of the premise, with a few general character introductions, some plot set-up and lots of creepy moments.

Comic Con Preview Night 2012 Pilots: Cult, Revolution, 666 Park Avenue, The Following And Arrow

Warner Bros. Television is once again helping to get things started at Comic Con in San Diego this year by giving TV fans attending Wednesday's Preview Night an early look at some of their pilots. As it's the fifth straight year they've done this, it seems fitting that they will showcase five new series headed to TV. This includes one show involving a serial killer, another about a cult, one about a super-hero, another set in a post-apocalyptic America, and one set in a creepy building.

The CW Cancels Ringer And Secret Circle, Orders Five Dramas Including Arrow And Carrie Diaries

Word has come down regarding the CW's freshman dramas Hart of Dixie, Ringer and The Secret Circle. It's good news for one of the series and bad for the other two. It's also been reported that the network has picked up five new drama series to add to their line-up next season.

Matt Davis Jumps Vampire Diaries Ship, Joins CW's Cult

The Vampire Diaries’ Matt Davis is not changing networks but will be switching shows. Davis is set to star opposite Lucas in a role that might be as stressful as that of the vampire hunter he played on his former CW gig, although certainly a trade up - at least in Cult he has zero chance of getting possessed.

Jessica Lucas To Star In Josh Schwartz' CW Pilot Cult

Anytime you turn to The CW there is a pretty decent chance you'll end up landing on one of Josh Schwartz' several series on teen-skewing network. Schwartz mainly focuses his creative energy into producing clones of his own The O.C. and has two more projects set up at the network, including the Sex and the City prequel The Carrie Diaries as well as Cult. The latter just tapped Jessica Lucas, a familiar CW face, to star.

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