Matt Davis Jumps Vampire Diaries Ship, Joins CW's Cult

The CW has been brewing up some big programming changes for the upcoming season, with new superhero drama Arrow, chilling science fiction drama The Selection, and now Cult, featuring a crazy show within a show premise and geared toward a young adult audience. Jessica Lucas has already been tapped to star in the project as a young production assistant on a fictional TV show that is also known as Cult. Now, The CW has added one more to the cast.

The Vampire Diaries’ Matt Davis is not changing networks but may be switching shows. Davis is set to star opposite Lucas in a role that might be as stressful as that of the vampire hunter he played on his former CW gig, although certainly a trade up - at least in Cult he has zero chance of getting possessed. This time around, Davis will play Jeff, a blogger whose brother disappears as part of a weird series of missing persons and murder cases directly linked to the fictional Cult show. I’m guessing we’ll see a lot of Lucas and Davis’ characters fighting crime and attempting to solve the mystery. Whether or not a little romance will be involved between the two young, good-looking actors is yet to be determined, although we are discussing the CW, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

While Davis will be taking on a bit more responsibility with his role on Cult, if you are a fan of his Vampire Diaries character, Alaric Saltzman, this season will not be the last we see of him. Deadline is reporting Davis will reappear on the vampire drama from time to time to continue his storyline, which sounds like a sweet gig to have in your back pocket, especially when joining an untested pilot.