It doesn't take the astute mind of a TV critic to see similarities in this seasons two new serial killer dramas, namely Fox's The Following and The CW's Cult. Of course, there are bound to be many differences, the former focussing on an FBI investigation while the latter uses an amateur detective and show-within-a-show conceit, and two projects that share a strong resemblance coming out at the same time is also not a rare occurrence. The two kindred series about sadistic yet charismatic killers leading a group of impressionable psychopaths is just another case in a long line of Deep Impact - Armageddon situations where the collective consciousness stirs up competing cultural products that are very much, even too much, alike. Or it's just a culture of unoriginal, uninspired, copycatting. Here are five other awkwardly timed television releases...

The Munsters and The Addams Family
The arrival of the two supernatural households spoofing monster movies and series about the traditional family is one of the early examples of similar shows emerging on TV in the same year. Based on Charles Addams' cartoons originally published in The New Yorker in the late 1930s, The Addams Family television series hit ABC in 1964 and even though it aired for only two seasons, its legacy, and catchy theme song, lasted much longer. Though it's lacking the existing source material, The Munsters first aired on CBS in the fall of '64 and used the monster genre to satirize typical family series that dominated network television. Coincidentally, or not, The Munsters only stayed on the air for the same two seasons as Addams, making the connection even more eerie. Okay, not really eerie but you can see why I went there.

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