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Cult Cancelled But May Finish Up Season 1 Online

It looks like spring cleaning has begun for the networks. As channels begin prepping and fine-tuning their 2013-2014 slates, we should expect to hear word of the fate of some of their current series. Unfortunately for The CW's Cult, signs point to cancellation, though the CW hasn't officially announced that they aren't renewing it for a second season. But they have pulled the show from the schedule.

Deadline passed along the bad news, citing this Tweet from series creator Rockne O'Bannon:

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The series stars Matthew Davis as Jeff, a journalist blogger who's researching a popular TV show, also called Cult, and its following of die-hard fans, who are re-creating some of the crimes featured on the series. That's some creepy dedication. The premise of the show seemed a bit high concept for The CW, but it did follow the trend of darker toned dramas this year, joining Fox's The Following and NBC's Hannibal in that regard. Unfortunately, its ratings were low, even for the CW. And the move from Tuesday to Friday probably didn't help. The last new episode only brought in .62 million viewers.

There's some hope on the horizon, though not in terms of renewal. It sounds like the series is done and fans won't see new episodes airing at the network going forward. Deadline says CW will air Carrie Diaries reruns in its place, starting this Friday. However, the six episodes that have yet to air may end up online. So those who want to see how the show wrapped up may have the opportunity to do that if and when that happens.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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