Whether you have a bad memory or a great memory, there’s no denying that the modern age of television has so many series popping up on a yearly basis that remembering all of them is seemingly impossible. But it’s definitely possible for networks to continue pumping out shows that may or may not stand the test of time.

Here are 10 series that have aired in the past five years that you probably don’t remember. Whether it was because of early cancellations or generic plotlines, these shows are definitely tucked away in a dark attic corner of television’s history.

paul reiser show
The Paul Reiser Show – NBC
In the 1990s, comedian Paul Reiser was a TV mainstay as part of the hit NBC sitcom Mad About You, but he pretty much stayed away from television for the next decade, resurfacing in full for NBC’s The Paul Reiser Show in April 2010. It had the right post-modern flavor, in that it followed him playing a version of himself who hadn’t been on TV in a while and then signs up for a new show. Unfortunately, reviews for the show were largely negative and the ratings were equally dismal, and it was canceled after only two episodes. Thankfully, Reiser is great on FX’s Married and Amazon’s upcoming Red Oaks.

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