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A Major Arrow Character Could Return For Season 6

Arrow Season 6 is already got lots of characters, but fans should get ready for the possible return of an old favorite.

Arrow's Deathstroke Looks Ready To Escape From Star City With Snake Plissken In New Photo

Manu Bennett has just posted a brand new photo of himself as Slade Wilson, and it invokes some seriously badass Escape from New York imagery.

Why The Flash's Savitar Shouldn't Be The Most Obvious Choice

Fans of The Flash seem to have locked in on their choice for Savitar. Here's why he shouldn't be the big bad for Season 3.

Two Arrow Characters Will Show Up A Lot More In Season 6

More casting news has bubbled up from The CW, and it looks good for Team Arrow. While the ragtag squad has taken a thorough thrashing from Prometheus in Season 5, it looks as though some of them are going to return to the action for Season 6.

How Sara Will Handle Being The Leader In Legends Of Tomorrow

Sara Lance got something of a promotion on Legends of Tomorrow by becoming the new team leader. Here's how the formerly solo assassin handles being in charge from now on.

New Supergirl Clip Shows She And Superman Stopping A Bank Robbery

A thrilling new clip from Supergirl has just hit the web showing Kara and her cousin taking down a pair of bank robbers. Check it out!

Dynasty Is Getting A Reboot, Here's What We Know

The latest to get the reboot revival is the classic soap opera, Dynasty. Hit the jump for all the slap filled and melodramatic details.

We Finally Know More About Tom Felton's Character In The Flash

Tom Felton's mysterious CSI character is all new to the timeline and lots of questions still remain with how he fits into the bigger picture. Hit the jump to find out how his character will be getting along with rival Barry Allen.

How Supergirl Season 2 Will Be Like Empire Strikes Back, According To The EP

Supergirl is amping things up for Season 2 and whenever the second of something is happening, you know a comparison to Empire Strikes Back isn't far behind. Here is the newest one.

What To Expect From Dolph Lundgren’s New Character In Arrow

Check out what Wendy Mericle had to say about Dolph Lundgren's villainous character on the upcoming fifth season of Arrow.

Supergirl Just Announced Which Actor Is In The Mysterious Pod, Here’s What We Know

We may not know the name of the mysterious character in the pod on Supergirl, but we do know the name of the actor. Now we can enter phase 2 of speculation to figure out his true identity.

The Trailer For Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2 Is Stunning And Badass, Check It Out

Big things are in store for the Legends of Tomorrow in Season 2 with a new mission to fix the timeline. Check out this new trailer from Comic-Con teasing what the Legends are in for.

The Vampire Diaries Will End After Season 8, Watch The Farewell Video

It's a sad day for fans of The Vampire Diaries. After plenty of rumors and some high profile comments from one of the stars, the CW finally came out and admitted what most fans have quietly and sadly known

Here’s What Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2 Will Be About

On Legends of Tomorrow, the crew of the Waverider finished their season-long mission, so what's the team going to be doing in Season 2? Here's what the new season will be about.

Why Constantine Season 2 Could Actually Happen

Constantine was a show cancelled before its time when NBC gave the show the axe after only thirteen episodes. Star Matt Ryan reprised the character for an episode of Arrow on The CW. Now, there's been a new development.

David Harewood Just Revealed The Title Of Supergirl’s Season 2 Premiere

It's an exciting time for Supergirl fans as the show prepares to make its big move to the CW. It's only fitting that the title for the Season 2 premiere capture that same feeling and, thanks to actor David Harewood, we now know what that title is.

Arrow Is Bringing Back A Surprising Character

The end of Season 4 featured the split of Team Arrow, and there's no saying how long it might take for Season 5 to reunite them. In the meantime, the show will be bringing a character back in a surprising way.

How Grant Gustin Feels After The Crazy Flash Finale

Season 2 of The Flash was a rough ride for Barry Allen, and the finale saw him make a very big decision that will change everything. Star Grant Gustin has some interesting thoughts about what the finale means for the future of The Flash.

How I Met Your Mother's Alyson Hannigan Is Heading Back To TV

To some TV fans, Alyson Hannigan will always be the magical Willow Rosenberg, while others know her best as How I Met Your Mother's Lily. Now it seems she's headed back to television for a very different role, though it does involve magic...

The 100 Will Return For Season 4 On The CW

The CW has just announced a massive sweep of renewals for its best TV shows, and it's no surprise that some of our favorite series made the cut. We’re happy to announce that those renewals included the hit sci-fi series The 100.

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