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A List Of All The Shows Netflix Has Cancelled

While we're used to hearing about Netflix ordering and renewing series, the company has started canceling them at a faster clip. Here's an updated list of everything the streaming service has axed so far.

Lilyhammer Has Been Cancelled, Here's The Stunned Message From Steven Van Zandt

As of today, three seasons of the series are available for streaming over at Netflix, but Van Zandt announced today that Netflix has decided not to renew Lilyhammer for Season 4.

Bruce Springsteen Will Be On Lilyhammer, This Is What He'll Do

After more than forty years in the music business, Bruce Springsteen has decided to branch out. The Boss has plans in the works to write a children’s book, and this week sources revealed he is headed to Netflix to take his first scripted acting gig on the streaming service’s original series Lilyhammer. Lilyhammer’s third season should actually be filled with reunions for lead Steven Van Zandt.

Lilyhammer Gets Renewed For Season 3 At Netflix

Of Netflix’s original programming, Lilyhammer isn’t exactly generating the most buzz, but it does precede shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, and Netflix is evidently pleased enough with the reception of the comedy to renew the series for a third season, which will air later in 2014.

Check Out How To Be A Crime Boss In New Lilyhammer Clip

Fans are less than two weeks out from the Season 2 premiere of the series, and Netflix has put together a special clip from the December 13 premiere episode to share with fans. Yes, that’s a Friday release date, and yes that’s annoying, but on the bright side, fans have binge viewing to look forward to, starting with the above original clip.

Lilyhammer Finally Earns A Season 2 Premiere Date On Netflix

The streaming service has a few high profile programs available, including new episodes of Arrested Development and the political drama House of Cards. However, it is one of the service’s earlier endeavors that is set to move forward with a second season, soon, and this week Netflix announced a premiere date for Season 2 of Lilyhammer,

Lilyhammer Adds Paul Kaye, Others To Cast For Season 2

Netflix’s Lilyhammer, which also airs in Norway, has been a big hit for E Street Band member Steven Van Zandt, so much so that a second season of the hit gangster out of water story has been commissioned. Since the series is already filming a second season, now seems like a fine time to introduce some brand new cast members.

Netflix Will Not Release Ratings For Original Series Lilyhammer

Today, Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos sent out a memo explaining why the subscription service will not be releasing ratings for Lilyhammer. The memo begins with the best point Netflix has. Because Lilyhammer released all eight episodes yesterday, and because Netflix viewers are more likely to come across new television over time, it would be unfair to release the ratings. There’s no standard for programming like Netflix’s, no baseline for what would be considered “good” or “bad” ratings.

Lilyhammer Preview: Watch The Trailer For Netflix's New Original Series

As though Netflix didn’t already pose a threat to cable providers, what with their growing list of streaming TV shows available to subscribers, the streaming video service is planning to launch original programming, including David Fincher and Kevin Spacey’s House of Cards, not to mention the highly anticipated return of Arrested Development. But first, Netflix will premiere their first original series Lilyhammer.

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