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Lilyhammer Adds Paul Kaye, Others To Cast For Season 2

Netflix’s Lilyhammer, which also airs in Norway, has been a big hit for E Street Band member Steven Van Zandt, so much so that a second season of the hit gangster out of water story has been commissioned. Since the series is already filming a second season, now seems like a fine time to introduce some brand new cast members.

The drama and comedy has added a few bigger names and few lesser knowns. First on the list is Paul Kaye, an English actor who is also set to appear in the third season of Game of Thrones. Additionally, Deadline is reporting Jakob Oftebro, who acted in the Oscar-nominated flick Kon-Tiki, Amy Beth Hayes, and Erik Madsen are all set to appear in Season 2.

While we don’t know much about the types of character each actor or actress will be playing, the news outlet is noting that a group of English football superfans and a tough-as-nails female sheriff will be joining the mix—roles which seem to be primed for Kaye and Hayes, respectively, although there is no confirmation on that. However, with a bank robbery and a criminal enterprise to run also looming in the plotline, there should be room for all kinds of new and interesting characters.

While the first season of Lilyhammer aired on Netflix in the United States last February, the show is currently filming for Season 2, with Van Zandt taking off from his busy touring schedule with Bruce Springsteen to fulfill his duties as an actor. It’s likely to be a little while before new episodes are ready, but TV Blend will keep you posted along the way.

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