Turns Out One Netflix Series Isn't Leaving The Service After All, While One More That Did Found A New Streaming Home

The Netflix ecosystem has been an ever-changing and evolving beast, and not only through a seemingly endless line of debuts on the 2022 TV schedule and into next year's lineups. It's felt exceedingly true as of late, with reports pointing to some of the platforms’ earliest original series leaving the content library permanently. Thus, fans of two of the streaming's earliest hits, Lilyhammer and Hemlock Grove, have been wondering how they could revisit these favorites if their Netflix subscriptions would no longer be an option. Answers to such questions have surfaced without much time for worrying, and it turns out one of those shows will be staying put, while the other has landed a new streaming home. 

Stevie Van Zandt being held at gunpoint, lying on the floor in Lilyhammer.

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Lilyhammer Will Remain Streaming On Netflix

Lilyhammer won’t be leaving the Netflix streaming library after all, as the platform’s first comissioned original series was revealed to be staying put, with rights issues and other legal details being worked out behind the scenes. Star Stevie Van Zandt broke the news through Twitter, as he shared the following update:

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Though the series has been part of the growing number of cancelled Netflix shows since its third season wrapped in 2014, there is apparently enough vested interest in Lilyhammer to keep it in the streaming family. So if you’ve been wanting to revisit this dark crime comedy, or have been meaning to start it, you’ve officially got time. And depending on how closely you read into Van Zandt's other message on the matter, it sounds like there might be more down the line in some form.

Famke Janssen sits next to a caged subject in a lab in Hemlock Grove.

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Hemlock Grove Has Found A New Streaming Home

Another early Netflix Original, the horror drama Hemlock Grove seemed pretty favorably reviewed when it debuted on the service, with Eli Roth behind the scenes. It's been seven years since stars Famke Janssen, Dougray Scott, and Bill Skarsgård closed up shop, with the latter going on to become a Stephen King regular, Deadline has reported that streamer FilmRise is now going to be the new home of supernatural property.

While no date has been set, all three seasons will be setting up camp in this new home at some point in the near future. Removed from the Netflix lineup this past October, the reason this “original series” got the boot could be put down to the show merely being licensed, not produced, by its parent network. Given Hemlock Grove came up in the early days of Netflix’s ventures into exclusive content, before it started fully funding all of its productions, these were the sorts of deals that were struck between studios to give the platform an early leg up on crafting its own content. 

That same scenario has also led to subscribers on Netflix’s new ad-supported tier being locked out of shows that were licensed under similar agreements that are outside the ad stipulations. Whether or not Lilyhammer’s new lease on life somehow sidesteps that piece of the puzzle is yet to be seen. For now, if you’re a fan of either that show or Hemlock Grove, you’ll be able to enjoy them once again. You just might have to adjust how you enjoy them, depending on which one you’re rooting for.

In the land of the current streaming ecosystem, you can take a look at what’s freshly arriving on this platform in the near future. Netflix’s December 2022 new releases are currently available, so that subscribers can see what series are on the horizon for their holiday season enjoyment.

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