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The Westworld Season 2 Trailer Is Delightful And Deadly

Westworld is coming back. And it looks deadlier than ever

The Rick And Morty Season 3 Opening Scene Is A Home Run Practical Joke

A newly released Rick and Morty Season 3 sneak peek is a hilariously perfect prank on fans of the series. Check it out!

The Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer Is Eerie, Watch It Now

Stranger Things Season 2 just dropped its first trailer, and fans are going to be fired up. The popular Netflix show looks to be positioning itself for a block of sequel episodes every bit as fascinating as the first effort.

First Look At Joseph Fiennes' Michael Jackson For Bizarre New TV Show

We've known for months that Joseph Fiennes would be playing Michael Jackson in a non autobiographical series on the U.K. Here's what that looks like.

Santa Clarita Diet: Watch The Bizarre New Promo For Drew Barrymore's Netflix Show

A brand new trailer for The Santa Clarita Diet has just hit the web, it looks like a bloody and hilarious good time.

What Sleepy Hollow Is Going To Look Like Without Abbie Mills

The major networks have made plenty of scheduling changes this year, which has meant some fan favorites like Scandal and Sleepy Hollow have been kept off of the schedule for midseason. But one of those is about to come back, and we have the first look.

Watch A New Comic Villain Cause Trouble In The Flash's Midseason Trailer

A new trailer for The Flash's midseason premiere confirms that Savitar won't be Barry Allen's only threat when the show returns. Check it out!

We Finally Have The Full A Series Of Unfortunate Events Trailer And It's Incredible

We've seen previews featuring Patrick Warburton as the narrator and have finally caught a glimpse of Neil Patrick Harris' Count Olaf, but the first full length trailer for the Netflix drama looks completely incredible, and even gives us a glimpse at Olaf in disguise.

The Bones Final Season Trailer Is Thrilling And Emotional

Bones is returning for one final season on Fox. While the long-running series was kept off of Fox's fall schedule, it will be returning, finally, at midseason, and this week the network gave us the first look at Bones Season 12.

The Planet Earth 2 Trailer Is Stunning Because Of Course It Is

The BBC has been working on Planet Earth II for quite some time, however, and now we get to take a first look at the beautiful and glorious upcoming docu-series.

Watch: This Fan-Made Indiana Jones TV Series Trailer Is Perfect

A brand new fan-made trailer for an Indiana Jones cartoon completely captures the fun and adventurous spirit of the series. Check it out!

Arrow Just Revealed A Huge Game Changer For Oliver Queen, Watch The New Footage

Season 5 of Arrow is only a week away, but we haven't gotten too much in the way of new footage about anything other than the team of newbie vigilantes. Now, a new trailer has hit the web, and it shows that Oliver won't be playing by the same rules in Season 5.

Is Supergirl Setting Up A Rivalry With Superman? The New Trailer Explains All

Supergirl will be more "super" than ever when Season 2 kicks off with Clark Kent in town to team up with Kara. The cousins will have a unique relationship as two of few surviving Kryptonians.

Watch Luke Cage Stop A Car With His Bare Hands In Brand New Trailer

Luke Cage is finally coming and Netflix just released a full length trailer for the upcoming drama. Check it out!

The Westworld Trailer Is Finally Here, and HBO's New Drama Looks Wild

The drama has been coming together at the subscription cable network for what feels like forever, and this weekend, HBO finally released its first Westworld footage. It's a doozy. Give it a watch.

Watch Jon Snow And Ramsay Bolton Face Off In Awesome New Game Of Thrones Footage

This week, Game of Thrones released the first trailer for the upcoming episode and not only do we get to see Ramsay and Jon square off, we also get into Snow's mindset just before the battle commences.

Is Castle About To Give Fans A Major Tragedy? Here's The Evidence

There is one irrefutable fact about Castle’s upcoming Season 9 finale. The fact is that Stana Katic is leaving Castle and the actress is leaving Castle soon. And it may not end well for her character.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Trailer: Check Out Sansa Looking Like A Total Badass

There's a lot of things we are expecting from Game of Thrones Season 6. We are expecting some new characters to be appearing for the first time. What we weren't expecting was for Sansa to be a total badass...

Top Gear Trailer: Watch Chris Evans Throw Up In First Look At The New Series

Now, the latest amalgamation is finally coming together, and the first trailer focuses on fast cars, Chris Evans, Matt LeBlanc and some untimely vomit. You can check it out in all its glory.

Watch Jonah Hex And Giant Atom In New Action-Packed Legends Of Tomorrow Trailer

The CW released a new Legends of Tomorrow trailer that not only gives a glimpse at what’s coming this week, but multiple episodes after that, including our first look at DC’s favorite cowboy and a tech upgrade for Ray Palmer, a.k.a. The Atom. Take a look!

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