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Watch Stephen Colbert Hilariously Recreate His Last Day At The Daily Show

Stephen Colbert welcomed his old Daily Show crew to CBS' Late Show for some hilariousness, such as this segment recreating some old times.

Stephen Colbert And Jon Stewart Are Getting The Old Daily Show Crew Back Together

The same Daily Show team that helped nearly 20 Emmys make their way to Comedy Central are getting together once again thanks to Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. Here's what we know.

How To Watch The Daily Show Streaming Now That Hulu Isn't An Option

The Daily Show is no longer adding new episodes to Hulu. Find out why and see where you can watch it streaming from now on.

What The Daily Show Taught John Oliver About Covering Politics

It's clear from the above quote that John Oliver still thinks a lot about his time on The Daily Show. It was an integral part of the comedian's life, after all.

Why Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert Nearly Quit Comedy Central Back In 2012

Jon Stewart left The Daily Show in 2015 and Stephen Colbert left The Colbert Report in 2014, but it has been revealed both hosts were as close as possible to leaving the network back in 2012.

Stephen Colbert Went To The First Daily Show Press Conference To Ask Why Jon Stewart Was Hired And Not Him

Way back in the day when Jon Stewart first took over The Daily Show, Stephen Colbert auditioned for the gig. He didn't get it and went out of his way to find out exactly why.

A Major Player Is Leaving The Daily Show, Here's Why

The Daily Show has been a long and storied program for Comedy Central, but it's definitely seen some growing pains since Trevor Noah took over. Now a fan favorite is leaving.

The Awesome Advice Jon Stewart Gave Larry Wilmore

Larry Wilmore can attribute his success on the network to his stint as a fake news correspondent on The Daily Show, and he still remembers the advice from Jon Stewart that helped him keep his cool on camera.

Apparently Mike Rowe Was Almost Hired As The Daily Show Host

When you hear the name Mike Rowe, you probably conjure up images of him walking through filthy sewers. But can you picture him sitting behind The Daily Show desk? Apparently Rowe was very, very close to becoming the host not once, but twice.

Watch Arby's Thank Jon Stewart For Making Fun Of Them For Years

Arby’s has no bad blood (outside of their sandwiches) with all the fun that Jon Stewart has made of them over the years, and it paid respect to the vacating talk show host with a pair of ads on Stewart’s penultimate Daily Show episode last night.

Here's When President Obama Will Head To The Daily Show For The Last Time

Jon Stewart is getting ready to head into the home stretch of The Daily Show. His last show is set for August 6. It’s expected that his last dozen shows will contain a collection of big names and/or Jon’s favorite guests. We now have the date for the biggest name of them all.

How The Daily Show Will Let Jon Stewart's Critics Respond

Jon Stewart’s run on The Daily Show may be close to ending, but he sure wants to go out with a bang. In fact, producers are reportedly already reaching out to his critics to tape a special segment for the final episode. Find out more after the jump.

Why Amy Schumer Turned Down The Daily Show

Amy Schumer has become one hot commodity as of late. Now as the young comedian gears up for her feature film debut, she’s opened up about a few other opportunities she was offered in the past year, one in particular, the hosting position of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.

Watch Jon Stewart's Touching Response To The Charleston Church Shooting

When tragedy strikes as it did this week in South Carolina many people handle it in many different ways. But when this is the news of the day, what do you do when your job is to make fun of the news? For Jon Stewart, it was all about being serious.

Why Chris Rock Said No To The Daily Show

Later this year, Comedy Central’s The Daily Show will feature its first new host in 16 years. Many names were tossed around about who could replace Stewart, but not a lot of people were talking about comedian Chris Rock, who actually passed on the opportunity.

When The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Will Officially End

Although Jon Stewart hinted at leaving his post prior, we’ve known since February that Stewart is moving on from The Daily Show. However, during Monday’s episode, Stewart officially announced when he will be retiring from Comedy Central’s late night series.

3 Big Celebrities The Daily Show Pursued After Jon Stewart Quit

When Jon Stewart announced that he would be stepping down as host of The Daily Show, reactions were split between “Oh no!” and “Who’s going to take his place?” And it seems like Comedy Central had some big names in mind.

It's Official: Trevor Noah Is The New Host Of The Daily Show

After a long and lengthy search, Comedy Central has now locked down its new man of the hour. Trevor Noah will be the new host of The Daily Show, taking over the hit late night talk show after Jon Stewart retires from the series. More on the new host after the jump.

The Daily Show May Replace Jon Stewart With One Of Its Newest Correspondents

With The Daily Show soon to be losing Jon Stewart later this year, it comes as no surprise the network would already be searching for its longtime host's replacement. Who would fill the shoes, up to this point, was anybody's guess but with the latest news that Comedy Central may be looking at one of its newest correspondents Trevor Noah, we may have found our answer.

The Daily Show Is Losing Samantha Bee, Get The Details

Bee is currently the longest-running Daily Show correspondent, having joined the series back in 2003, and was a frontrunner in many fans’ minds to take over as host once Jon Stewart exits the show later this year. But that definitely won't be happening.

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