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HBO's Newsroom Ratings Down For Second Episode, Weeds And Episodes Premieres Also Down

Sunday night was a big night for pay-cable. Not only did Showtime bring Weeds and Episodes back with new seasons, but HBO's The Newsroom premiered its second episode. Series premieres are big, the second episode probably tells us much more about the the direction the series might be taking as far as its ratings go, and unfortunately for The Newsroom, the news isn't great.

HBO Renews True Blood And The Newsroom

It won’t come as much of a surprise that HBO has renewed its hit True Blood for a sixth season today, just a month after season 5 hit the air to strong ratings. Along with the vampires of Bon Temps, Aaron Sorkin’s new drama The Newsroom has also been renewed for a second season only a week into its freshman run.

The Newsroom Trailer: A New Look At The Weeks Ahead

Since the premiere episode of The Newsroom, I was reserving full judgment of the series until we got a look at what came next, and so far I think the second episode worked. Much like the series premiere, Episode 2 felt like a bit of a verbal tennis match, but that works for me. HBO released a video that looks ahead at the coming weeks. Check it out ahead!

The Newsroom Watch: Episode 2, News Night 2.0

My worries last week about this program's adherence to the news stories of the recent past discussed a concern that it might lead to a lack of freshness; we, as the audience, would be a step ahead of the characters. Well, we are, ladies and gentlemen, but it's also because the romantic entanglements of the cast have a little bit of telegraphing going on.

The Newsroom Preview: Family Of The Newsroom And Shooting The Show

HBO already released a preview for the second episode of Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom, titled "News Night 2.0," but here are two more "In Brief" promos to keep you watching. The first, titled "Family of The Newsroom," is bookended by creator Aaron Sorkin and features every member of the large ensemble while the second promo, called "Shooting the Show," might be the most fascinating preview thus far.

Sorkinism Video Connects Aaron Sorkin's Reused Lines

Aaron Sorkin recycles dialogue. "You think?" I suppose this is something that happens with writers. You get a good line, it's likely to stick in your head and find its way to the page of another script, right? Apparently, this is a frequent occurrence for Aaron Sorkin, a writer with proven ability to come up with great lines, and now a semi-tribute video that demonstrates his re-usage of many of them.

Aaron Sorkin's Newsroom Premiere Earns Moderate Ratings

Only 2.1 million viewers showed up to watch Jeff Daniels take on the role of the embittered Will McAvoy and fight for the news alongside Emily Mortimer. In its encore performance the show nabbed an extra .6 million, bringing total viewers for the night to 2.7 million.

The Newsroom Preview: Episode 2 - News Night 2.0

Last night's series premiere of The Newsroom introduced to Jeff Daniels' Will McAvoy, a cable news anchor who until recently, had managed to straddle the line between the left and right, avoiding taking a stance and refusing to choose one side or the other. If you haven't seen the premiere yet, read no further to avoid spoilers!

HBO's The Newsroom Series Premiere Episode: Watch The Full Video Here

HBO debuted the first episode of Aaron Sorkin's new drama series The Newsroom, which stars Jeff Daniels as a cable news anchor whose work situation changes after an outburst at a panel discussion at a college university. As expected, given Sorkin's involvement, there was a lot of fast-talking dialogue and an almost unnervingly fast pace. HBO isn't leaving non-subscribers out of the loop on this, however.

The Newsroom Series Premiere Watch: We Just Decided To

Here we are, friends. After too long a wait, it's the fourth coming of Aaron Sorkin to television. And The Newsroom, on first viewing, seems a suitable return to form, with crackling dialogue and a stringent earnestness in its characters' pursuits of a world--and an America--where trying to be better, and telling the truth, is both lauded and rewarded.

The Newsroom Preview: A Look At Dev Patel's Blogging Character Neal

From what we've seen of the promos for Aaron Sorkin's upcoming HBO drama The Newsroom, the series seems set up to tackle the subject of the inner workings of a cable news network from various angles. The latest video promoting this Sunday's series premiere takes a closer look at one particular character and his role on the series and at the news channel where the show takes place.

The Newsroom Preview: A Look At The HBO Series Premiere

After weeks of looking at trailers and character spots for HBO's upcoming drama The Newsroom, the series will make its grand debut this Sunday night. HBO just released a new preview for the premiere, which focuses on the series' first episode. And as a bonus, we have a look at Aaron Sorkin's appearance on this week's Rock Center.

The Newsroom Preview: Breaking News

Less than a week remains between now and the premiere of Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom. Sorkin's return to television is obviously already highly anticipated but the fact that the award winning writer has decided to take his talents to HBO makes it all the more exciting. The series is about the fictional 'News Night' team and the inherent struggle between trying to present important stories and be popular at the same time.

The Newsroom Preview: What Is Newsworthy?

HBO's been typically generous in the amount of content it's offered us leading up to the premiere of their new drama series The Newsroom. We've seen trailers and character spots that have given us a general idea of what Aaron Sorkin has in store for us with his next television endeavor. Based on what we've seen so far, it might be safe to expect some pretty fantastic performances on the part of the series stars, and hopefully some great commentary on the modern-day news-reporting.

The Newsroom Preview: More Character Spots For Aaron Sorkin's HBO Drama

Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom is airing just in time to help fill the ever expanding summer void at HBO. To prepare audiences for their big summer series debut, HBO already released a handful of trailers promoting Sorkin's drama, all of which look quite good, and just last week we shared character spots for Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, Olivia Munn and Sam Waterston. Now, the network has followed up the main characters with spots introducing the other members of the large ensemble at 'News Night.'

The Newsroom Preview: Character Spots For Aaron Sorkin's New HBO Drama

The Newsroom is the new television series from Aaron Sorkin, the creator of the West Wing and Academy Award winner writer of The Social Network. For the first season of the show about the news, HBO has assembled a wonderful group of actors to bring Sorkin's eclectic characters, not to mention his signature quick quips, to life. And to start introducing the rather large ensemble, the network has released these character spots.

The Newsroom Promo Showcases Frustration And Determination

We've passed the one-month mark in counting down to HBO's upcoming new drama series The Newsoom. HBO hasn't been shy about promoting the Aaron Sorkin created series, and based on the trailers, for good reason as the premise has plenty of potential and the glimpses we've seen of star Jeff Daniels' performance suggest that this is going to be a great role for him. We'll have to wait and see how the series premiere looks. In the meantime, HBO has released a new promo for The Newsroom. This one focuses on Will's rage.

The Newsroom Preview: Promo And An Invitation To The Set

HBO has yet to miss the mark with any of the previews for their upcoming drama The Newsroom. From the very first few glimpses at Aaron Sorkin's much anticipated return to television to these most recent videos, everything about the series so far has looked great. Not that we should expect anything less from the Academy Award winning writer pairing up with the the most prestigious network in the medium but it is certainly making the month wait for the premiere seem even longer.

Poster For HBO's The Newsroom: More As This Story Develops...

We've already seen numerous trailers for HBO's upcoming new drama series The Newsroom, and now the Aaron Sorkinwritten drama has a shiny new poster, which is light on image but heavy on words, and fittingly features the series star Jeff Daniels seated at his desk.

HBO's The Newsroom Trailer #3: Under Pressure

With each new look at HBO's upcoming new series The Newsroom, I find myself more anxious to get a look at the Aaron Sorkin created drama. Anxiety actually seems to be the theme of the third trailer for the show, which HBO just released. Check it out ahead!

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