Jeff Daniels Confirms The Newsroom Is Renewed For Season 3

As long as there's news, a drama series like The Newsroom should have no shortage of material from which to be inspired. And that's a good thing as The Newsroom is sticking around. Series star Jeff Daniels spread the news this week that The Newsroom will be back for another season.

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The Newsroom is currently amidst its second season on HBO, with two episodes to go before things wrap up for the summer. Daniels makes no mention of the episode order for Season 3, but we might expect nine or ten, to mirror the first two seasons. Then again, it could come down to Sorkin's availability. Deadline points out that things were looking good for the series' chances of renewal back in July when HBO programming chief Michael Lombardo told the press at TCA, "Conversations with Aaron Sorkin are all about scheduling as he he has other commitments. If we can figure the scheduling, I will be shocked if you would not be hearing about a renewal soon. The numbers this season are surpassing last season."

So it seems HBO is more than pleased with the dramas ratings, which were have been in the 1.8 million viewer ballpark for most episodes this season.

The Newsroom takes place at a fictional cable news station and focuses on the staff, including Jeff Daniels' Will McAvoy, as they attempt to keep up with the latest news and report it accurately, while also juggling whatever personal entanglements they're currently dealing with. Current event and the ethics of cable news both play key factors in the series, but at its core, The Newsroom is about the characters.

The final two episodes of Season 2 will focus on a pretty major event for a cable news network: Election night!

Here's a clip from this Sunday night's episode (Ep. 8, "Election Night Part 1"):

It looks like Taylor has something she wants to tell Maggie. And as is often the case, there's a mix of personal and professional drama at work here.

And it looks like there's a bit of a state mix-up in this one.

The M states! They'll get you every time!

UPDATE - Deadline reports that HBO responded to Jeff Daniel's tweet with a little less certainty about the state of Season 3. It sounds like they're hoping to get the show renewed, but still working out the scheduling issue: "We are excited about proceeding to a Season 3 and are continuing our conversations with Aaron about schedules.” So at this point, it sounds like this situation isn't quite yet set in stone.

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