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What's Up With Father Gabriel On The Walking Dead?

Father Gabriel was in a hairy situation in tonight's episode, but what was that ending about?

Negan And Lucille Finally Got A Backstory On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead gave viewers some important information about Negan's past.

One Walking Dead Alum Won’t Watch The Show Anymore

It seems like just about everyone is watching Rick's current war against The Saviors, but it turns out that one former cast member has dropped off.

The Crazy Walking Dead Comic Spoiler That Came Up In The Last Episode

The Walking Dead is always trying to avoid spoilers, except for when it's the one dishing them out.

Check Out Norman Reedus Getting Weirded Out By His Walking Dead Prosthetic Body Double

Norman Reedus recently caught up with a prosthetic version of Daryl Dixon, and it definitely gave him the creeps.

How The Walking Dead's Chandler Riggs Reacted To The Rumors That Carl Will Die This Season

Chandler Riggs has a message for fans who think Carl is going to die in Season 8 of The Walking Dead.

Check Out How The Walking Dead Chopped That Body In Half For That Awesome Jerry Moment

The Walking Dead featured some awesomely gruesome stunts in its latest episode, and the story of how the show pulled everything off is pretty great. Take a look!

The Walking Dead's Latest Big Death Was Also Its Most Ridiculous

The Walking Dead has killed off a lot of characters in a lot of pretty wild ways, but its latest big death has to be its most ridiculous for one big reason.

New Walking Dead Videos Finally Bring Negan And Father Gabriel Back

The next episode of The Walking Dead is going back to the villainous side of things.

How The Walking Dead May Have Just Given Rick's Group An Advantage Over Negan

Tonight's Walking Dead episode brought a lot of bad news overall, but some good news for Rick.

The Walking Dead Just Had One Of Its Deadliest Episodes Yet

The Walking Dead went crazy with the dead bodies on tonight's episode.

What The Walking Dead’s Carol Really Thinks Of King Ezekiel, According To Melissa McBride

Carol has an interesting relationship with King Ezekiel, as she knows the truth about his facade. But what does she really think of him?

What The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Says About Daryl’s Possible Fallout With Rick

The latest episode of The Walking Dead saw a couple of tense interactions between Rick and Daryl. Actor Norman Reedus had some interesting comments about what's to come.

Why The Walking Dead's New Baby Gracie Could Be Bad News For Judith

The Walking Dead's newest baby could create some depressing havoc on the show soon.

The Crazy Way The Walking Dead Handled Morales' Story

The Walking Dead shocked fans with a surprise return last week, and tonight's episode connected all the dots involved with that story.

Why The Walking Dead Is Smart To Keep Negan Off The Show For Now

The Walking Dead has kept Negan out of the limelight in Season 8, and here's why it's working for the show.

Is The Walking Dead's Morgan Going To Die Soon?

The Walking Dead is putting Morgan through some tough choices, and we're wondering if it's a sign that he's not long for this world.

How The Walking Dead Is Different In Season 8, According To Greg Nicotero

Greg Nicotero recently revealed how the current Walking Dead season will feel like the reverse of the past ones.

The Walking Dead Franchise Could Be Around For Decades, Just Like A Real Post-Apocalypse

We might be seeing way more Walking Dead than we'd ever thought.

The Walking Dead's Abraham Was Almost Played By A Former WWE Star

The Walking Dead almost got a guy who could piledrive zombies to play Abraham. Read on to find out more!

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