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How The Walking Dead's Jesus Will Become More Like The Comic Version

The predictions are still continuing into the show's future, with comic fans hoping that Tom Payne's character Jesus will end up rocking the body armor and man bun that they've come to expect.

The Walking Dead's Chandler Riggs Admits Carl's Hilarious Gun Mistake Was His Fault

Fans of The Walking Dead have Chandler Riggs to thank for one of the funniest mistakes of the series.

The One Thing Chandler Riggs Won't Miss About The Walking Dead

For all the things he'll be sad to leave, there's one thing Chandler Riggs won't miss about The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan Just Landed A New TV Show, So What Happens To Maggie?

Lauren Cohan has signed on for a new TV show, and that raises the question of what will happen to Maggie in what remains of The Walking Dead Season 8.

Why Frustrated Walking Dead Fans May Be Pleased With How Season 8 Wraps Up

Since the conflict between Negan and Rick is set set to end by the time the season wraps up, all eyes are on what will happen with Season 8's back half.

Why The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman Never Gave Negan A Last Name

Robert Kirkman broke down why The Walking Dead's big bad doesn't have a last name.

Could The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan Actually Leave In Season 9? Here's The Latest

Walking Dead fans are already saying goodbye to one longtime character, but what about Maggie?

New Walking Dead Video Reveals How The Saviors Escaped The Sanctuary

A new clip from The Walking Dead's midseason premiere explains the Saviors' escape, and it hints at new dangers.

Could Morgan Return To The Walking Dead In Season 9?

With Morgan joining Fear The Walking Dead, fans assumed he's one with the original series. But Andrew Lincoln has another idea.

Why Walking Dead Fans Should Be Excited For The Midseason Premiere

We watched The Walking Dead's midseason premiere, and here's a spoiler-free look at why fans should be excited.

Why The Walking Dead's Lennie James Joined Fear The Walking Dead Despite Reservations

Lennie James wasn't immediately into joining Fear the Walking Dead, but he came around.

The Walking Dead Storyline That Finally Has Norman Reedus Excited Again

Daryl hasn't seen a lot of happiness on The Walking Dead in recent years, but Norman Reedus is finally smiling again about what's coming.

The Walking Dead Is Totally Giving Fans A Nude Zombie In Season 8

Greg Nicotero is still thinking of gross new zombies, and we'll soon break new ground as the first nude zombie pops upon The Walking Dead.

How The Walking Dead's Carl Shocker Affected Star Danai Gurira In Real Life

Danai Gurira reveals how Chandler Riggs impending exit played into her real-world emotions.

The Walking Dead Vet Michael Cudlitz To Star In New Show From Last Man Standing Showrunner

A former Walking Dead star and a network TV veteran are teaming up for a new show, and we're pumped.

What The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun Would Have Wanted On Glenn's Headstone

A fan recently asked Steven Yeun what Glenn should have on his tombstone, and his answer didn't disappoint.

The Walking Dead Is Trolling The Olympics In New Promos

The Walking Dead has no problem taking victims, and its latest is the 2018 Winter Games.

The 10 TV Shows New Netflix Users Are Most Likely To Binge-Watch

Netflix has revealed what new customers are known for binge-watching first, and the results contain some surprises.

How The Walking Dead Is Like The Lord Of The Flies, According To Michael Cudlitz

Now that Cudlitz is out of the woods, he can philosophize about The Walking Dead and its influences.

Will Carl's Story Change The Walking Dead Comics At All?

Many are wondering how Carl's recent plot twist on the TV show will affect the comics, and Robert Kirkman has addressed the fans directly.

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