The Internet Is Really Confused Over Viral Memes Alleging The Simpsons Featured A Character Named Graggle

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The Simpsons has amassed a dedicated fandom over the years to the point that there are fans with an encyclopedic knowledge of every time the series predicted the future and know the stories of the most obscure characters. With that said, even the most seasoned historian will have trouble pulling up information on Graggle Simpson, a beloved character who many are insisting exists. As such, the internet is really confused over viral memes surrounding Graggle and whether or not he was actually a part of the show. 

Before we get too deep into this theory, one thing needs to be said. Graggle Simpson has never been a character on The Simpsons, but one wouldn’t know it by all the efforts made by people on the Internet to convince others that he was a prominent and even beloved character on the series. This includes some impressive work of including him in screenshots of classic episodes, as well as some video games as well: 

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There is no shortage of pictures asserting that Graggle Simpson is a real character who has been around for decades, to the point that people who only casually know of The Simpsons might even think he’s real. The screenshots really highlight the most iconic episodes of the series and assert that Graggle was there every step of the way:

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Photoshopping and drawing a character into scenes is one thing, but some fans of The Simpsons are taking this whole thing to a whole other level. One person even uploaded footage from the classic video game The Simpsons: Hit & Run, which shows Graggle running around in the game:

Not all fans are artistically inclined, of course, but still want to take part in the viral meme. That might be why there’s now a spirited debate on Twitter about the actual lore surrounding Graggle, and how that isn’t even his real name. Apparently, there’s a group out there that feels like everyone is ignoring the fact that “Graggle” is not his real name and that there are several episodes of The Simpsons that refer to him by another name: 

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For those wondering where the madness in all this started, many allege that Graggle Simpson first originated on the Japanese message board 2Chan. Then known as “Gumbly,” Know Your Meme states the earliest known image of the character originated in 2015. In fact, Gumbly memes were around before Graggle Simpson memes but are more or less the same: 

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Whether it’s Gumbly or Graggle, though, it’s important to note this character was never a part of The Simpsons. Fans can always still participate in the fun of course, and maybe even if things continue on like this, he may actually even make his way into the series legitimately. I wouldn’t mind using my Disney+ subscription to see Graggle in action one day!

For now, fans can enjoy their favorite Graggle-free episodes of The Simpsons on Disney+. With the summer approaching and television slowing down, now is as good a time as any to binge the franchise all the way through and see why it’s one of the best offerings on the platform

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