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Apparently Suicide Squad Almost Had Joker Steal The Batmobile
It turns out that Suicide Squad almost featured a sequence in which The Joker stole The Batmobile. Here's what we know.
Watch Denzel Washington Marry Two Fans During An Epic Oscars Prank
Denzel Washington married two of his biggest fans at The Oscars, and the video of the event is absolutely priceless. Check it out!
Suicide Squad Won An Academy Award And It Actually Deserved It
David Ayer's Suicide Squad won an Academy Award tonight, but it was an award that it genuinely deserved.
What Kind Of Film The Nightwing Movie Will Be, According To The Director
Chris McKay recently opened up and explained the type of film the Nightwing movie will be. Here's what he had to say.
See Julie Benz’s Tribute To Bill Paxton, Her Training Day Co-Star
Julie Benz has taken to social media to honor the passing of Bill Paxton. Here's what she had to say about his tragic death.
The Unexpected Comedian Who Convinced Hugh Jackman To Retire Wolverine
It seems that an iconic stand-up comedian played a major role in Hugh Jackman's decision to retire from the role of Wolverine.
Why A Nightwing Movie Is Exactly What DC Needs Right Now
There has never been a better time to announce the upcoming Nightwing movie. Here's why it's a perfect project at this stage of the DCEU.
5 Batman Questions That Are Bugging Us About The DCEU
The Batman mythos is officially back on track in the DCEU, but we still have a few pressing questions that demand answers.
7 Actors DC Should Get To Play Nightwing
Nightwing is officially coming to the DCEU, and we could easily see any of these seven actors taking on the iconic role.
Why Doctor Strange 2 Should Bring Back Scott Derrickson, According To Benedict Cumberbatch
CinemaBlend recently asked Benedict Cumberbatch why Scott Derrickson should return to the Doctor Strange franchise for the eventual sequel. Here's what the actor had to say.
SNL Is Adding Another Woman To The Five-Timers Club
One of Saturday Night Live's newly announced March hosts is officially set to join the highly coveted Five-Timers Club.
Which Movie Should Actually Win The Best Picture Oscar, According To Moviegoers
The Oscars rely on Academy voters to determine who wins, but it seems that average moviegoers want to see one specific movie win Best Picture this year. Do you agree with this choice?
The Crazy Way The Simpsons Is Getting Honored By Major League Baseball
Major League Baseball is honoring The Simpsons in a way that should get fans of the legendary cartoon very excited.
Wait, Rob Zombie Will Be Part Of An Upcoming Marvel Movie?
Is horror and heavy metal icon Rob Zombie involved in a highly anticipated Marvel adventure? Here's what we currently know.
Why The Jungle Book Needs To Win Best Visual Effects
Jon Favreau's The Jungle Book needs to win the Oscar for Best Visual Effects this year. Here's why.
Why Hacksaw Ridge Resonated With Audiences, According To Its Producer
Oscar-nominated producer Bill Mechanic recently explained to CinemaBlend why Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge has resonated with audiences. Here's what he had to say.
Man Brings His Wife To Fifty Shades Darker, Gets Arrested For Masturbating During The Movie
A man was recently arrested for masturbating during a showing of Fifty Shades Darker, and the full story is even weirder than you might expect.
The X-Men TV Show Just Cast Its First Comic Mutant
Bryan Singer's upcoming X-Men TV series has officially cast its first mutant from the comics. Here's what we know.
Every Major Movie Portrayal Of The Joker, Ranked
Many performers have taken on The Joker over the years, but who is the best? Let's dive in and figure it out.
A Surprising Star Wars Character With Ties To Chewbacca Is Now Officially Part Of Canon
A classic Star Wars character with deep ties to Chewbacca has officially entered the series' official canon. Here's what we know.
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