In the pantheon of classic sitcoms, there are arguably few TV shows that can compare to Seinfeld. The hit NBC sitcom had a notoriously good run through the 1990s, and it became even more notorious for going out on its own terms. Of everything that the show did right, the cast of delightfully bizarre characters that it assembled has to rank near the top of the list. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite Seinfeld performers to see what they've been up to since the show went off the air. Let's dive in with the star of the show.

Jerry Seinfeld - Jerry Seinfeld

Before Seinfeld propelled him to stardom in the 1990s, Jerry Seinfeld was already known as a well-established stand-up comedian. Following the end of the show's run, he returned to that corner of the entertainment world (albeit far more financially secure than when he started the show), and he continues to tour to this day. Beyond that, he has also remained busy with his show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, and his work on 2007's Bee Movie has developed a rabid cult following as well.

Jason Alexander - George Costanza

In the years since Jason Alexander achieved fame as the perpetually angry George Costanza, he has gone on to a number of roles in film, television, and theater -- although arguably none of them are quite as beloved as George. In fact, his post-Seinfeld career is notably different from the rest of the members of the Seinfeld quartet because he has spent much of his time working as an actor on Broadway in productions like Sweeney Todd and A Christmas Carol.

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